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World of Warcraft TBC Class Tier List: What to Play for BC

Top GamesWith the re-release of the first ever expansion in World of Warcraft's history coming up in the form of The Burning Crusade Classic, it's time to see what classes are a cut above the rest, and what classes may be a little harder to get around.Hunter - A class that once struggled in Classic WoW will now be shining with access to some pretty great gear as well as arguably the strongest DPS spec with Beast Mastery. The Beast Lord Armor set gives Hunters access to some pretty crazy

Pekoe Animal Crossing New Horizons: Villager Details

Top GamesCourtesy of NintendoPekoe in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a cub villager with blue eyes and black bangs. Pekoe has been included in every Animal Crossing game since Animal Crossing: City Folk. She is first seen wearing the Hot Spring Shirt or a Sleeveless Silk Dress, with ears that appear similar to ox horns, a traditional Chinese hairstyle.Pekoe is a normal villager who has a welcoming personality towards players and other normal villagers. She also socializes well with lazy, peppy, smug, and snooty villagers. Pekoe, however, might cause conflict

Bruce Animal Crossing New Horizons: Villager Details

Top GamesNic Antaya/Getty ImagesBruce in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a blue deer with three stripes on his head and yellow antlers. Bruce has been featured in every game since Animal Crossing: New Leaf. His initial appearance includes a school jacket.Bruce is a cranky villager who is more temperamental compared to other villagers’ personalities. Bruce will interact well with jock, snooty, and other cranky villagers. The cranky villager, however, will not socialize well with peppy villagers. As a cranky villager, Bruce sleeps at 5 a.m. ET and wakes up at