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How to check CPU temperature

Movement and electricity generate heat, and everything measures heat in different ways. Cars have a temperature gauge on the dashboard to let the driver know when the engine is too hot to function properly. Unfortunately, an indicator for overheating is not automatically included in most computers. Extra noise and slowed processing speeds may be symptoms of an overheating central processing unit (CPU), but there is no flashing red light telling you to figuratively pull over and check under the hood. Fortunately, free software exists that can help you check and

Best Bluetooth mice for gaming

Gaming experiences are often defined by the components that create them. For many console gamers, a wireless controller is a necessity in creating the ultimate gaming experience. When it comes to gaming with a mouse and keyboard, there are two ways to achieve that wireless experience: wireless 2.4GHz USB adapters and Bluetooth.  Bluetooth is often frowned upon by gamers because of the amount of latency it introduces between player inputs and the PC. In short, when you move your Bluetooth mouse to the right, your computer will respond about 10