Diablo Immortal closed beta starts today

Blizzard Entertainment announced that the mobile RPG Diablo Immortal will have a closed beta testing period starting today, Oct. 28.  Just like previous tests of the game, it will only be possible to participate through Android devices. Players will be selected from Canada and Australia, and from South Korea, Japan, and China at a later date. The limited number of players invited to the beta will receive a notification from Google Play with details on how to log in and start playing. In the coming weeks, when Blizzard opens the

The most valuable items worth crafting and selling in New World

There’s plenty of reasons to focus on making money when you’re playing New World. Whether you’re maintaining or upgrading your gear, buying some final materials for a big item you’re crafting, or even purchasing a house and paying taxes on it, having gold comes in handy in Aeternum. You’ll make a decent amount of money completing town board quests, faction quests, side quests, and main story quests, but the real cash is selling highly sought-after goods at the trading posts. You can make some money here selling raw materials in

Triada Blessings Walkthrough for Far Cry 6

Top GamesThe Triada Blessings Side Quest requires players to collect a relic from all three regions / Photo courtesy of UbisoftFar Cry 6 is one the hottest games of the year despite only coming out a couple of weeks ago on Oct. 7. As players boot up the game and begin exploring Yara there are a plethora of side quests they can take advantage of to get rewards and improve their gear.One such popular side quest is the Triada Relic Blessings Side Quest, more well known as Triada Blessings. Here's

The best crafting and gathering jobs to level up in Final Fantasy XIV

There are many fighting and crafting jobs to choose from in Final Fantasy XIV, and it can be confusing for new players. In comparison with many other MMOs, this one allows for much flexibility on job choices. Switching between two jobs is as easy as one button, and all of them are pretty well balanced. On the crafting side, it’s also true—you will find a use for every Disciple of the Hand and Disciple of the Land job. Leveling them up is very important, since they offer functionalities that will

Where to Find the Sanguinario in Far Cry 6

Top GamesWe’ve uncovered the location of the Sanguinario in Far Cry 6. / UbisoftWe’ve uncovered the location of the Sanguinario in Far Cry 6.The Sanguinario is a beast from which the pelt is needed in order for players to obtain part of the Primal gear set in Far Cry 6. It is a massive, powerful, Mythical jaguar that has been prowling the coasts of El Este and, in return for its hide, players can obtain the Primal Leggings in the Hunting Lodge.The Primal set, itself, has to do with increasing

LookingForOrg claim ESEA Premier S38 Australia title

LookingForOrg have won the Australian division of ESEA Premier Season 38 in a gruelling best-of-five over ORDER. The organization-less side went into the series with a map advantage due to coming from the upper bracket and managed to stay in the game after losing the first two maps in overtime. The win secures LookingForOrg a spot in Season 15 of ESL Pro League. Although tipped to win this season of Premier, Renegades had to forfeit their matches as they are currently in Europe ahead of the PGL Major, making this

WoW: TBC Classic DPS rankings: Phase 2 tier list

The second of WoW: The Burning Crusade Classic’s six content phases has arrived and the game’s DPS tier list has changed slightly. While there haven’t been many direct balance changes to alter the game’s available classes, new raid gear has become available to the most up-to-date of players. As a result, players will see some slight differences between the initial release of the game and its first major update.  The additions of tier five gear have made certain classes stronger heading into the next stage of PvE content in The

What is the Faction Reputation cap in New World?

Factions are one of the key mechanics in New World that influences how PvP factions within the game. A new player will select one of the three factions that are in the game: Syndicate, Marauders, or Covenant. No matter which option you pick, your choice will dictate your allies during global PvP and other late-game PvP modes. Furthermore, being a part of a faction provides players a way to purchase some weapons and armor that are usually quite powerful early in the game. As you progress through the ranks in