Umetaworld is launching in November a free NFT Stealth Mint of Rooms for its Metaverse

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Users will be able to mint fully customizable rooms in the Umetaworld Metaverse, a virtual replica of the real world.[/vc_column_text][vc_images_carousel images="1783597,1783598" img_size="medium" autoplay="yes" wrap="yes"][vc_column_text]November, 2022 – Umetaworld, the virtual world of augmented cities and places, announces the launch of its NFT collection of rooms in its virtual replica of the real world. Umetaworld offers Web3 users a bridge between physical and virtual experience, enabling users to create their own assets and monetize them through NFTs. While Meta steals much of the spotlight surrounding the Metaverse, the digital ecosystem is still

What is the Nintendo Switch OLED’s refresh rate?

There’s a new Nintendo Switch in town, improving all the shortcomings of its previous generation. Named after its display technology, the Nintendo Switch OLED is looking to offer a more robust gaming experience. In addition to the new OLED screen, there are some quality-of-life improvements, like the LAN cable compatibility. Available in two colors, for now, the OLED Switch also features a better kickstand design that feels more sturdy. Though the overall battery life is still less than what players would like it to be, there are improvements in that department as well. Adding

What changes have been made to the new PS5 model?

Console revisions are common in the video game industry. From minor tweaks to complete design overhauls, it is now common to see consoles such as the original PlayStation 4, PS4 Slim, and PS4 Pro hit the market in the same generation. Nearly a year since the PlayStation 5 was originally released, Sony has revised their premier console to some criticism. What’s new in the PS5? The new PS5 model is the new CFI-1100 edition, compared to the original CFI-1000 series. On the surface, the external design of the console is

Microsoft’s The Initiative brings on Crystal Dynamics to help develop its Perfect Dark reboot

One of Microsoft’s core studios, The Initiative, gave fans a slight update on the development for its reboot of the classic Perfect Dark franchise, announcing that Crystal Dynamics has been brought on to help with the game.  Crystal Dynamics, best known for working on the Tomb Raider franchise and the live service Marvel’s Avengers, is a subsidiary studio of Square Enix and will now be working directly with The Initiative on its current project.  Perfect Dark update! We are partnering with Crystal Dynamics, the world class team behind character-driven games

Wurmple Evolution Guide for Pokemon GO: How to Evolve Wurmple

PokémonWurmple has been in Pokemon GO since early December 2017. Here's how to get its two evolutions. / Niantic LabsWurmple has been in Pokemon GO since early December 2017. Here's how to get its two evolutions.Niantic Labs implemented this Hoenn-region native during the first wave of Pokemon from the third generation. Wurmple, the pink-and-white "Worm" Pokemon is the bug-type equivalent of Kanto's Caterpie and/or Weedle with a bit of a twist. Instead of one evolution, it has the opportunity to become two distinct Pokemon. Here's how it works.Have you figured