Revolutionizing Clinical Trials: The Digital Watermarking and AI Duo

Revolutionizing Clinical Trials: The Digital Watermarking and AI Duo Clinical trials, the linchpin of medical research, have long been riddled with inefficiencies, from patient recruitment bottlenecks to data management hurdles. As a technology and banking analyst, I've seen how digital solutions can overhaul entire sectors, offering improved productivity and streamlined processes. It's high time that clinical trials get a dose of such digital innovation, and there's a potent combination on the horizon: digital watermarking coupled with Artificial Intelligence (AI). At first glance, one might wonder: how can a technique often

Everything we know about Dota 2’s latest hero Marci: Best builds and moveset overview

During the International 10, Valve announced that Marci from Dota: Dragon’s Blood would be Dota 2’s next hero. Though Valve promised a release before the end of fall, not many fans expected Marci to hit the live servers out of nowhere in October. Mirana’s badass sidekick in the animated series is now available as a playable character in Dota 2. Valve describes Marci as a loyal person who “always marches into battle-ready to raise fists in defense of her companions.” Despite looking harmless at first glance, Marci was able to take down enemies twice her

New World player shows off minimap add-on

Since New World’s launch, some players have been asking for different quality of life features to be implemented into the game. One of these is the addition of a minimap. While Amazon hasn’t shared any plans to add an official minimap to the game, like with other MMOs the community has gone ahead and forged their own addons. One New World player shared their own minimap addon that fits perfectly amongst the game’s UI. In a clip shared to Reddit, we can see the addon in action and it works

Teemo to Receive Buff in League of Legends Patch 11.21

League of LegendsPhoto Courtesy of Riot GamesTeemo has had his fair share of minor tweaks this season, but the scout seems to finally be getting a major buff to his kit as League of Legends Season 11 winds down. Riot Phlox recently announced the full details of Teemo's upcoming buffs, along with a note that the changes "def feel good."Teemo's buffs in Patch 11.21 see his Blinding Dart (Q) losing a second on it's cooldown from eight to seven, along with the duration of the spell gaining a slight extension.

NBA 2K22 Current Gen Oct. 5 Update 1.4 Patch Notes Explained

Top GamesThe latest patch brings continued stability and performance improvements and more in NBA 2K22 on Current Gen. / Photo courtesy of 2KThe first major patch for NBA 2K22 on Current Gen since launch has just landed.For those on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC (via Steam) and Nintendo Switch wondering what the 20-30GB update was for, here's a breakdown of the NBA 2K22 Current Gen Oct. 5 Update 1.4 patch notes.A new patch is live on PS4 and XB1 bringing continued stability & performance improvements, zoom adjustments to the Broadcast