FIFA 22 Rulebreakers Promotion Revealed; Releases Oct. 29

By Max Mallow | Oct 27, 2021Photo by EA SportsFIFA 22 Rulebreakers promotion was revealed and confirmed for an Oct. 29 start date.Rulebreakers replaced the Ultimate Scream promotion in FIFA 21 as EA Sports moved away from events associated with holidays. Likewise, FUTMAS was replaced with FUT Freeze. Rulebreakers still follows the same formula, more or less, as Ultimate Scream with cards receiving unlikely statistic boosts to change how they operate in game. Here's a look at the card design revealed in the loading screen.Coming Friday I assume!— NepentheZ

Best Fortnite Squid Game Map Codes

Netflix is filled with good shows, movies, and documentaries, but only a few of them draw the whole world’s attention upon their release. Squid Game is one of those shows. Shortly after it made its debut on the streaming platform, Squid Game became the hottest show of the year and suddenly found itself as the center of attention for seemingly the entire internet. While some content creators tried creating their own version of the popular TV show on the streets, gamers preferred to recreate the hit TV show inside their

Best Pokemon for the Pokemon GO Halloween Cup

PokémonNiantic Labs' Halloween Cup is well underway in Pokemon GO during this GO Battle competitive season. / Niantic LabsNiantic Labs' Halloween Cup is well underway in Pokemon GO during this GO Battle competitive season. The Halloween Cup, itself, is a special tournament with a unique set of parameters in place. Only Pokemon under 1500 CP and within a certain group of accepted types will be eligible to battle. In true Halloween fashion, those types are bug, poison, dark, fairy, and/or ghost. With such a narrow pool to choose from, trainers

XQc plays ‘Cuckold Simulator’ game after misogyny allegations

In his Twitch stream yesterday, xQc took a moment while watching a nature documentary to address allegations of misogyny after he told a woman to go work at a Grand Theft Auto strip club as an insult. XQc expressed incredulity at the allegations, saying that it was a “double standard” that he could not insult women without being called a misogynist. “Some people call me an incel unironically for saying ‘get a job at the VU [strip club],’ saying that I should get banned,” he said. “I feel bad, but