Improving on a winning formula: Pwnage Ultra Custom Wireless Symm 2

Pwnage hit it big with the original Ultra Custom Wireless mouse in 2019. The company rode the initial momentum to the creation of the Symm. Now, Pwnage is seemingly borrowing a page out of the Razer Viper Mini’s book and combining it with the tried-and-true Ultra Custom formula to give fans the Ultra Custom Wireless Symm 2.  While the shape is unquestionably inspired by the Razer Viper Mini, the Symm 2 differentiates itself as a Pwnage product with its customizability and improved wireless connection.  Nuts and bolts Photo by Colton

The lightest gaming mouse | 2021’s lightest mice for gaming

Ultralight gaming mice took off after the Finalmouse Air58 Ninja launched in 2018, and most manufacturers now have ultralight mice in their lineups. These lightweight mice are easier and faster to maneuver, making them ideal for fast-paced competitive games where players need any edge they can find.  One of the most common ways companies reduce the weight of their mice is by using a honeycomb design. The cutouts lower the amount of material used, bringing down the mouse’s weight considerably. Other common weight reduction methods include making the mouse smaller

Checking connection: ROCCAT Kone Pro Air review

If there’s one thing ROCCAT knows how to do, it’s creating fresh takes on aging ideas.  It takes something special to stand out in the crowded lightweight gaming mouse market. With every company advertising its mice as being the next big thing in lightweight gaming, few actually deliver a new take. ROCCAT successfully avoids mundanity with its Kone Pro Air design, but performance is another story.  The Kone Pro Air echoes its wired sibling’s best features but our review unit hit a major snag on its way to glory.  Nuts,