Half-Life: Alyx

Jeff Strain Founds Possibility Space with Legion of Gaming Veterans

Top GamesJeff Strain, Jane Ng and Austin Walker are three of the founding members of Possibility Space. / Photo courtesy of Possibility SpaceArenaNet co-founder and Undead Labs founder Jeff Strain has founded a new studio, Possibility Space, featuring plenty of industry veterans.Although the studio will be based in New Orleans, its staff will be physically distributed, making it easier to incorporate the many luminaries on staff. They include visual director Jane Ng, formerly of Campo Santo and Valve; IP Director Austin Walker of the Friends at the Table and formerly

Valve Head Teases Possible Console Ports

Top GamesGabe Newell says Valve's plans for Steam-to-console ports will be clearer by the end of this year. | Jeff Vinnick/Getty ImagesValve president Gabe Newell appears to have hinted at the prospect of console ports for PC-only Steam games, saying the public would know more "by the end of this year"Newell was speaking at Sancta Maria College in Auckland, New Zealand, where he's been riding out the COVID-19 pandemic, when a student at the school asked if Steam had plans to port any games to consoles. Newell hesitated a moment,

Xbox Boss ‘Snuck In’ To See Iron Man VR During Development

We finally got our hands on Iron Man VR last week, but Xbox boss Phil Spencer got to see the game even earlier.Over the weekend Spencer took to Twitter to reveal that developer Camouflaj had brought Spencer to its studio on numerous occasions to play the game over the course of development. It’s notable given that Iron Man VR is a PSVR exclusive published by Xbox rival, PlayStation itself.I was lucky to have @ryanpayton sneak me in a couple of times to see the team at @Camouflaj and play builds

The Best VR Headset Deals June 2020: Oculus Quest In Stock Now

With Half-Life: Alyx's release behind us, we're now looking toward future VR releases, such as the upcoming PlayStation VR-exclusive Iron Man VR, which releases July 3. Marvel's Iron Man VR puts you into Tony Stark's suit and has you controlling it with the PSVR headset and Move controllers. It's seen some delays over the past year, but now, we finally have a new release date. Iron Man VR is set for a July 3 release date, and if you're looking to invest into PSVR before then, you'll be happy to

Half-Life: Alyx Soundtrack Chapter 1 Is Available Now–Listen Here

Half-Life: Alyx is the first Half-Life game in a very long time, and fans who want to celebrate their return to City 17 might want to listen to the soundtrack on the go. Now, with the first part of the album appearing on streaming services, they can do just that.Half-Life: Alyx Chapter 1 runs for just 21 minutes across 9 tracks, with more parts coming soon. You can listen below through Spotify. If you purchase chapter 1, all other chapters will be added over time, according to Valve.Today the soundtrack

Half-Life: Alyx Added 1 Million New Monthly VR Players To Steam

Half-Life: Alyx was one of the most anticipated VR launches ever, and now it's got the numbers to back that hype up. Thanks to data crunched by Road To VR, we can now see just how big Alyx's impact on the VR market was, with a dramatic spike in the number of VR headsets connected to Steam in the month of April.The data tracks the number of VR headsets that are connected to Steam within a given month--so while it can't tell us whether they were actually used or not,

Half-Life: Alyx mod lets you play without a VR headset

If you've been wanting to play Half-Life: Alyx but don't have a VR headset to enjoy it, now's your chance to try it outside of the confines virtual reality requires. Wish you could play Half-Life: Alyx, but don't have any sort of VR headset? An ambitious modder has ensured that you can do just that, thanks to a new release that lets you run the game without the need for any sort of virtual reality control. What does the mod do? Basically exactly what you think it does. It turns

Shackcast Episode 066 – Why Resident Evil 3 remake is not a 10/10

The gang is back with another XL podcast for your listening (and viewing) pleasure. Check it out! The gang is back with a double wide episode recorded over a two day period last week. The Shacknews review for Resident Evil 3 remake was almost given a 10/10 score by Long Reads Editor David Craddock, but Asif, Blake, and the rest of the team talked him back to reality. Asif also declares his undying love for Half-Life: Alyx. This is also our first episode that is available on YouTube in video

We Make Half-Life: Alyx’s Beautiful World A VR Nightmare Hellscape | Potato Mode

Here on Potato Mode, we take our favorite games and turn their graphics into absolute mush for your enjoyment. This week, we kick it up a notch by stepping into the world of VR with Half-Life: Alyx.Alyx is without a doubt one of the most impressive-looking VR games to date, and returning to City 17 after all these years is a real treat, which makes it all the more hilarious when we completely ruin its graphics. It's a real trip in particular for Jean-Luc who is experiencing the whole thing