Balanced vs. unbalanced audio cables explained

Audio can be tricky. Anyone involved in audio production can attest to how even the smallest details can impact audio quality. While microphones are a big part of the process for streamers and YouTubers, audio cables are just as essential in achieving the desired audio quality. When picking a suitable cable, it is essential to know if it is unbalanced or balanced. While both work similarly, each offers different results in audio quality and limitations. This article will explain what the differences are and when to use each cable. What

What is VRAM?

PC games rely on several different factors to run smoothly and provide the best possible gameplay. Chief among those systems is memory, or rather the ability to pull information within the system at any given time. If a game is suffering from framerate issues or stuttering, chances are, the PC in use needs more of a specific type of memory called VRAM.  VRAM is essential when it comes to graphical performance. It is also essential for general functions as well, such as switching through different opened applications. This article will

How to use a capture card on console and PC

With so much streaming competition, it’s always wise to put out the best quality content if you want your stream to stand out. One of the ways to improve the quality of a stream is with a capture card. While some streamers have a single PC or console and don’t use capture cards, more advanced streamers often have multiple PCs or connect their console to a PC to add transitions, overlays, and other customizations. What does a capture card do? Capture cards allow users to capture video and audio from