TFT Set 5.5: Best 3 Comps to Climb Ranked Patch 11.17

Top GamesPhoto Courtesy of Riot GamesTFT Set 5.5 Patch 11.17 has created a steady meta where many compositions are viable, especially with the B-patch that tuned up some comps that were a bit stronger than the others. With so many options, it may be overwhelming for some players to figure the best strategy for gaining LP and winning ranked games. Luckily we're here. Here are the top 3 comps to climb ranked Patch 11.17.With regional tournaments around the corner (NA's are this weekend!), we're shipping our Mid-Week balance update a

TFT 11.17 B-patch hits live servers with 3 nerfs aimed to balance meta

Aiming to balance out the Teamfight Tactics Set 5.5 meta prior to final qualifiers for Worlds, an 11.17 B-patch arrived on live servers today with nerfs to Aatrox, Nocturne, and Vayne.  Having hit TFT live servers around 4pm CT today, the 11.17 B-patch launched in attempt to create a healthier meta. A number of final regional qualifiers are scheduled to take place in early September, followed by the TFT Reckoning World Championship in early October. A total of three Set 5.5 champions received nerfs today: Aatrox, Nocturne, and Vayne. Aatrox:

Here’s every TFT Patch 11.16 balance change scheduled to take place

Riot Games game design director Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer and Riot Kent revealed several upcoming Teamfight Tactics balance changes during the 11.16 Patch Rundown, highlighting a rework to the Legionnaire trait and multiple Radiant item adjustments.  Scheduled to launch on Aug. 11, TFT Patch 11.16 seeks to create a harmonious balance between Radiant items while adjusting multiple champions and traits. The Legionnaire trait, absent from the TFT meta since the launch of Set Five, will receive a rework to give units Omnivamp while keeping the attack speed unchanged. Nocturne will also see

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Trainers can play as several Pokémon in Pokémon UNITE, but few are as powerful as Cramorant. Players are grinding up the ranked ladder with the silly Blue Bird Pokémon because of its considerable damage output and its moveset, one of the most diverse in the game. If you’re struggling to understand what to pair with Cramorant, here’s our Cramorant build that takes advantage of its unique abilities to defeat its opponents. Items Held Item Shell Bell: Considering how many special attacks you’ll be dealing with, you shouldn’t underestimate the amount of

Every new and reworked TFT Set 5.5 champion: Spells and updated stats

Teamfight Tactics’ Set 5.5 update, Reckoning: Dawn of Heroes, contains a total of 12 new champions and four updated units.  Launching on July 21 via Patch 11.15, Set 5.5 shakes up the TFT meta with new traits and champions. Of the 12 new champs, four stand out as S-tier units based on PBE testing. Several champs were also reworked for the set, such as Garen losing his God-King trait in exchange for Victorious. Alterations to new and rework champions may occur prior to the TFT Set 5.5 launch and through

Best new TFT Set 5.5 champions to play in Reckoning: Dawn of Heroes

A total of 12 new Teamfight Tactics champions will join the fight against the Black Mist in Set 5.5 Reckoning: Dawn of Heroes. But not all of them are top-tier status.  Scheduled to release on July 21, TFT Set 5.5 has already gone through a number of changes while being tested on the PBE. Stats and some abilities are likely to change with the official launch via Patch 11.15, possibly shifting the day one meta. Based on PBE data and testing, though, there are four TFT Set 5.5 champions every

Here’s every TFT Set 5.5 PBE nerf and buff for July 13 patch

A large number of balance changes were made with the July 13 Teamfight Tactics Set 5.5 PBE patch, adjusting the power levels of traits and champions.  Scheduled to officially release on July 21 via Patch 11.15, TFT Set 5.5 Reckoning: Dawn of Heroes received PBE changes that will run throughout the week, according to Riot game design director Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer. One final patch is scheduled prior to the midset launch, although it’s possible smaller changes could take place on the PBE prior to next week.  From chase traits and

TFT Set 5.5 traits and champions hit with major PBE balance changes

A huge PBE patch for Teamfight Tactics Set 5.5 will take place today. Only one more update is planned before the midset’s launch next week. Heading into the second week of Set 5.5 PBE testing, the TFT team uploaded a massive patch that will run for the rest of the week, according to Riot game design director Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer.  Good morning. Here's todays PBE changes for Dawn of Heroes. It's a big batch, but likely our last one. We'll let this sit for a week, then make one more

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Aphelios is one of the most unique champions in League of Legends. Instead of four separate abilities and an ultimate, this champion has a selection of five different weapons that are suited to specific ranges and situations. Because of this, Aphelios often has a weak early game. But towards the middle to later phases of the game when he can acquire items, the Weapon of the Faithful is one of the most powerful ADCs in the game. As with all champions in League, Aphelios is going to require different items

TFT Set 5.5 Radiant items: Full rundown and updates

A total of 36 Radiant items will replace Shadow items in Teamfight Tactics Set 5.5 Reckoning: Dawn of Heroes, with a number of AP, AD, and defensive items standing out from the crowd.  Scheduled to release on July 21, the TFT midset Dawn of Heroes contains Radiant items that have increased abilities and stats with no drawback. A number of items that may not fit the build a tactician is trying to put together also contain Radiant bonuses—increasing things like ability power, critical strike damage, and attack speed.  Here’s every