Future of Money Governance & the Law New Podcast Host

Jacqueline Cooper, JD, MA LDT, NBCT, Blockchain Consultant, author, coach, speaker, and CryptoMom2, has been named the new host for GBA’s ‘The Future of Money, Governance, & the Law’ Podcast. October 10, 2022. Washington DC. The Government Blockchain Association (GBA) announces that Ms. Jacqueline Cooper has been named the new host for ‘The Future of Money Governance & the Law’ podcast. Ms. Cooper’s background is a Who’s Who of success, therefore, GBA has decided to interview her. GBA: What news or secrets are you hoping to uncover with this podcast?

karrigan: “We could be a dark horse to go deep in this tournament”

FaZe became the first team to punch their ticket from the Challengers Stage to the Legends Stage at the Major with a clean record, taking down Spirit and ENCE in best-of-ones before making it out of the group stage unscathed with a 2-0 victory over The international squad also did so displaying a wide variety of play, winning their matches on four different maps: Overpass, Dust2, Mirage and Ancient. karrigan talked about topics ranging from the Major to team culture and having Olof back FaZe, the lowest seeded team,

Fredy122 talks Rogue’s strength in the LEC’s best-of-one format

With their second and first-place finishes in the 2021 LEC Spring and Summer Splits, Rogue seemed to be barreling down a path towards surefire success at the 2021 League of Legends World Championship before the tournament began. But regular-season success doesn’t always translate into tougher matches. Rogue took full advantage of the best-of-one format that rules the LEC regular season, ultimately setting themselves up to fail in playoffs. They were unable to exploit their strengths in best-of-ones of out-drafting weaker teams and utilizing picks their opponents aren’t comfortable on, and

Spacestation Gaming’s Frexs talks ALGS, input wars, and building a winning team

As the Apex Legends Global Series kicked off last weekend, fans eagerly awaited what seemed like a lobby of death. North America’s Pro League day two lobby, composed of Groups A and D, featured some of the game’s most popular and feared teams: TSM, G2, Cloud 9, and Team Liquid. These were some of North America’s most experienced squads, set up to clash at the start of the new season. They weren’t alone, though. Teams like reigning ALGS champs 100 Thieves, XSET, and SHEEEEEEEESH promised to make the lobby competitive

Astralis at the Stockholm Major: Last hurrah, or new dynasty?

Astralis are the most successful organisation in the history of Counter-Strike. That is undeniable; the litany of tournament wins, the months upon months spent at the very top of the world rankings, the Majors to their name. Four Majors to be precise, the last three they have won on the bounce. At this point, with two years having passed since the last, it is almost difficult to remember anyone but Astralis winning a major; indeed, many newer fans of the game watching now will have never experienced anyone other than

Liquid round out BLAST Premier Fall Final team list

Liquid secured a spot at the Royal Arena after defeating MAD Lions 2-0 and finishing in the top 2 at the BLAST Premier Fall Showdown. The North Americans took a swift 16-9 victory on Nuke before having to come back from a 5-10 deficit on Inferno. Gabriel "⁠FalleN⁠" Toledo and co. will play in the BLAST Premier Fall Final in Copenhagen on November 24-28. "It feels amazing to qualify because it is an event that is going to be in a packed arena, so obviously something that everyone has been

Heroic qualify for BLAST Fall Final

Heroic secured a 2-0 victory over OG to grab a BLAST Premier Fall Final berth, winning 16-12 on Inferno and 16-11 on Overpass. The first map was a tight battle that went Heroic's way, whereas Overpass was always firmly in the control of the Danes. Looking forward to late November's BLAST Fall Final in the winners interview, Ismail "⁠refrezh⁠" Ali was asked about the inexperience of many of the team when it comes to LAN play, and he had some strong words about their expectations: "There is one thing that

Liquid beat; set up bracket final against MAD Lions

Liquid are through to the final of their side of the BLAST Premier Fall Showdown bracket after prevailing over, surviving a comeback attempt from the CIS side on Inferno (16-14) and recovering from a loss on Vertigo (9-16) by securing a win on Overpass. Stewie2K was a key component in Liquid's victory on the decider map, helping to counter Mareks "⁠YEKINDAR⁠" Gaļinskis' aggression with multi-kill rounds and entries of his own. "YEKINDAR reads the game very well," Stewie2K stated in an interview following the series win. "He knows his

MAD Lions upset G2 to advance to bracket final at BLAST

MAD Lions completed a major upset and the first of the event, recovering impressively from a 4-16 stomping on the first map of Ancient to take Mirage and Inferno both in overtime, 19-16 and 19-17 respectively. MAD Lions relied on their teamplay and deep playbook to take this win home, with only a single player from the squad posting above a 1.00 HLTV rating across the series. TMB and co. find themselves with a shot at qualifying for the LAN finals Thomas "⁠TMB⁠" Bundsbæk in the post-game interview gave insight