How to Romance Samantha Traynor in Mass Effect LE

Top GamesBeing a genius and British are just enough for Shepard to fall head over heels with Samantha Traynor. | Photo by BioWare, Electronic ArtsRomancing Samantha Traynor is one of the more intimate and convenient romance options you can choose from for Shepard in Mass Effect Legendary Edition, and here's how to do so.As an Oxford graduate, British, hygienic and avid chess player, Traynor provides one of the more intimate and interesting romance storylines that Mass Effect can offer. Much like romancing with Steve Cortez in the third Mass Effect,

How to Romance Ashley Williams in Mass Effect LE

Top GamesHere are the ways you can have your romance with Ashley Williams in Mass Effect LE | Photo by Electronic Arts, BioWareAs Mass Effect has been released yet again, players are wanting to rekindle or start their romantic interests in the game with Ashley Williams.Mass Effect Legendary Edition has just released on Friday which will leave many wanting to start their space soap opera from scratch or to experience it yet again while being able to play the other games within the bundle. The games are well known for