Blockchain Developer ChainSafe Receives Development Grant to Perform Native Integration of Chainlink into Cosmos SDK

ChainSafe has reportedly received a development grant to natively integrate Chainlink (LINK) into the Cosmos software development kit (SDK). As previously reported, the Chainlink Community Grant Program offers financial resources to the development teams and researchers creating a “more functional, accessible, and socially impactful” Chainlink Network. Chainlink says that it encourages skilled individual software engineers and development teams to apply to the grant program. Researchers are also welcome to collaborate with the Chainlink team. As noted in the announcement, ChainSafe, a blockchain protocol and infrastructure development company, has been awarded

9 YouTube Reaction Channels You’ll Love Watching Anime With

Love watching YouTube reactions for your favorite anime shows? Well, you’ll definitely want to check out these nine reactors, as they feature some of the most entertaining and educating content in the entire community. These are nine YouTube reaction channels you’ll love watching anime with.YouTube Reaction Channels You’ll Love Watching Anime WithImon_SnowA channel that originally got its start reacting to episodes of AMC’s The Walking Dead, Imon_Snow has grown a lot over the past five years. Since the channel was created, the duo of Imon and Abi has become a

New Carrier micro (SH micro)

jinjin5000 Profile Joined May 2010 Korea (South)951 Posts Original Ygosu Post: carrier micro was discovered on Ygosu korean forums the other day.This involves having binding an probe/another unit with carrier group, and using SH micro. Carriers normally target 1 unit at a time but this method allows interceptors to target multiple unit at the same time.SH micro can be used while moving.How SH micro changes carrier behavior1. Interceptors Stand-by inside carrier If you press hold within range 8, interceptor will attack one by one. Unlike doing single target fire under

FlaSh going to army in 3 weeks

jinjin5000 Profile Joined May 2010 Korea (South)942 Posts Show Spoiler +이사 이제 끝냈어요 몸도 너무 안좋았구 인터넷 설치하구 내일이라도 방송 킬수 있도록 하겠습니다시간이 3주정도 남았네요... 생각보다 방송키는게 늦어져서 이렇게 남겨요..I have finished movingmy body condition wasn't the best and installing internet took timeI should be able to stream tomorrowI have around 3 weeks left///I'm streaming later than I thought so I'm leaving this "Best Mind Shuttle Best Mind Shuttle" -Telecom, 2010-present, Finally banned NoS-Craig Profile Joined July 2011 Australia2830 Posts Thanks for the translation Jinjin. Hope his military service

New EPT prize pool announced for 2021 and 2022

sneakyfox Profile Joined January 2017 7735 Posts When it was announced that the EPT World Championship at IEM Katowice 2021 would be held online due to the covid-19 pandemic, ESL also announced that the prize pool would be cut in half, from $500,000 to $250,000, and that the money saved would instead be allocated to other EPT tournaments. ESL has now announced how those funds will be divided.The three instalments of the DH Masters tour (Summer, Fall, Winter) will each see its prize pool increased by $41,000 both this year

World Team League 2021: Summer Week 1 Line Ups

digmouse Profile Blog Joined November 2010 China5709 Posts TranslatorIf you want to ask anything about Chinese esports, send me a PM or follow me @nerddigmouse. TheOneAboveU Profile Blog Joined February 2011 Germany3193 Posts This is where the fun begins.Afreeca 4:2 LiquideXoN 2:4 ShopifyGP 1:5 GGGLP 0:6 KaiZiiG 1:5 DPGAlpha X 4:2 NV Moderatoralias TripleM | @TL_TripleM | Big Dark Energy! Crocolisk Dundee Profile Joined October 2015 460 Posts I wish Team GP, Team LP and Invictus Gaming would add at least one player with upset potential to their lineup. Otherwise

Liquibet SC2 Season 24 Begins

Seeker Profile Blog Joined April 2005 Where dat snitch at?34192 Posts Graphics by shiroiusagiSeason 24For some reason there seems to always be a group of people on TL who say that they had no idea that Liquibets was starting again. So here is your official announcement: Liquibet SC2 Season 24 has officially started! GO VOTE NOW! NOTE:The "24 hour in advance" rule is still suspended for now in order to accommodate for the loss of other SC2 leaguesGL HF GG NO RE~! ModeratorPM me if you want translations done |