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Riot Games Reveals New RGX 11z Pro Valorant Bundle

ValorantImage courtesy of Riot GamesA new skin line inspired by gaming PC hardware is making its way to Valorant.Riot Games has announced a new RGX 11z Pro skin bundle, inspired by gaming PC hardware complete with LED lights and spinning mechanical parts. The skin bundle is set to include a few new features, not seen on other skins. These include a kill counter to keep track of how many enemies you've taken down each match, and the game's first katana melee weapon. Eager to get your hands on this bundle? Here's

New VALORANT RGX 11z Pro bundle introduces Katana, kill counter, and unique wall hit decals

VALORANT players will soon get to enjoy the new RGX Pro bundle, inspired by “high-end gaming hardware,” featuring LED lights and spinning mechanical components. The bundle also introduces a new kill counter and the first Katana in VALORANT. Gaming hardware has a unique aesthetic consisting of LED lights and mechanical components that are often on display. Most players embrace this aesthetic and the new RGX Pro Bundle is the perfect option for fans who want the same experience in-game.  The new skin line comes in four different colorways: green, blue,

Best ring lights for streaming

When it comes to webcam quality in a stream, a high bitrate and reliable camera can only carry a setup so far before lighting becomes the most important variable to consider. One of the most common and easy to set up solutions is a ring light.  Ring lights offer a professional alternative to the more traditional softboxes that are commonly used for lighting. Ring lights are becoming more standardized due to their ease of storage and wide price range. The ability to store a ring light easily is a simple