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One month ago, Jerome Powell, head of the Federal Reserve in the US, announced that the banking system was sound and robust despite the collapse of several large banks. After raising rates a further 0.25%, he said, “We’re committed to learning the lessons from this episode and to work to prevent events like this from happening again.” As we prepare for another potential 0.25% rate hike on May 3rd, another major bank in the US, First Republic Bank, has collapsed. Its collapse is part of a larger trend of consolidation

GenTwo partners with Apex Group’s EDB for global banking and paying agency solutions

PRESS RELEASE Luxembourg and Zurich, November 9, 2022 — European Depositary Bank (“EDB”), the Luxembourg- based provider of banking, paying agency, depositary and custody solutions, and innovative securitization specialist GenTwo, announce their partnership to provide GenTwo with paying agent and banking services for third party investors globally. Zurich-based GenTwo creates securitization platforms for asset managers, banks, family offices and venture capital investors, enabling professional investors to easily invest in bankable and previously non-bankable assets. Institutional investors can use GenTwo’s securitization solution to realize their own product and business innovations, to

FIFA 22 Coin Trading Methods Explained

FIFAPhoto by EA SportsFIFA 22 offers a lot of opportunities for coin traders to make a ton of profit in a market that is unlike anything we have ever seen. With prices being as low as ever in the start of a new FIFA, a ton of coins can be made in the sniping side of the Ultimate Team Transfer Market.[embedded content]In the video above, LE96z goes over some of his own Coin Trading Methods that have helped out a ton of people in the FUT community over the past

Vel’Koz gives League fans the green light in this Squid Game crossover

A new concept skin for Vel’Koz takes inspiration from the Netflix sensation, Squid Game.  Concept artist NeburaART released the League of Legends skin concept on Oct. 6, drawing inspiration from the popular Korean series. In this fan made skin, Vel’Koz wears the same mask as one of the managers from the show, highlighting just how wicked and twisted his mentality is—not to mention Vel’Koz’s similarity to the invertebrate after which the game in the series gets its name.   The latest Netflix sensation, Squid Game, is a Korean drama and horror