manipulation and Plato AI Announce Strategic Partnership to Revolutionize Data Intelligence and Drive Innovation.

New York, USA November 9, 2023., a next-generation social listening and intelligence platform, and Plato AI, a pioneer in open intelligence solutions, announced today a strategic partnership aimed at transforming the landscape of data intelligence and innovation. At the forefront of data intelligence, is a comprehensive and actionable market insights platform powered by AI. The company's proprietary manipulation detection technology enables it to identify both human and manipulated (inorganic) accounts, providing unparalleled clarity of insight and data. With granular sentiment analysis, quantified emotions, and real-time abnormality alerts,

The Convergence of MedTech and Blockchain: Transforming Healthcare

The healthcare industry has witnessed a remarkable transformation driven by technological advancements in recent years. One groundbreaking convergence is the fusion of Medical Technology (MedTech) and blockchain technology. This synergy has the potential to revolutionize healthcare by enhancing data security, interoperability, and patient-centric care. Enhanced Data Security: One of the foremost challenges in healthcare is ensuring the security and privacy of patient data. Medical records contain sensitive information that must be protected from unauthorized access and cyber threats. Blockchain technology offers a robust solution to this problem. Blockchain operates on

The Most Popular Photo Editing Software In 2023

Any photographer wonders what is the best photo enhancer, and never all photographers in the world will agree on the answer. The choice depends on different directions, styles, and genres. Maybe you are a photographer who has just begun to learn the craft, and you don't fully understand what you need, so you are looking for everything in one application. Or maybe you are an active user of social networks, looking for an app available to you, given the level of mastery of the photo post-processing process, or rather the

Twitch streamer Arcadum responds to grooming, manipulation accusations

Twitch streamer and Dungeons and Dragons Dungeon Master Jeremy “Arcadum” Black has released a statement responding to grooming, manipulating, and other allegations levied against him earlier this week. In the statement, Black apologized to the women negatively affected by his actions, although he claimed to have never entered into a relationship with the women for sexual reasons. “I never sought out relationships purely for sexual purposes,” Black said. “To be absolutely clear, I have never engaged in nonconsensual activity. These were relationships that developed as genuine friendships. I greatly valued

Streamer Arcadum dropped by talent agency after grooming, manipulation accusations

Novo Talent & Creative Agency has terminated its contract with Twitch streamer Jeremy “Arcadum” Black after several women levied allegations of grooming and manipulation against him. Novo owner and fellow content creator Devin Nash shared a statement regarding the allegations, announcing that he and the agency will no longer be working with Black. Nash claims that Black came to him days before the allegations were made public, although Nash said the story Black told him “was not remotely truthful” and “reported a vastly different situation than these women collaborated.” Nash

Twitch streamer Arcadum accused of grooming and manipulation by several women

Twitch streamer and well-known Dungeons and Dragon’s dungeon master Arcadum has been accused of grooming and emotionally manipulating multiple women over the past year. Multiple women came out with statements today explaining their experience with Arcadum, alleging that he had used his position of power and their past traumas to manipulate women into providing sympathy and sexual comforts. According to a statement from Kelli Siren, she was removed from one of Arcadum’s projects after his long-time girlfriend found intimate chat logs between the two. Kelli claimed that he would constantly