Unveiling the Future of Gaming: Gaming Guilds Pioneer the Transition to the Metaverse with TCG World

In a monumental leap towards the future of gaming, we are excited to announce that the world of gaming guilds is undergoing a revolutionary transformation with the advent of the metaverse. This virtual universe, composed of interconnected digital spaces, has opened the doors for gaming guilds to claim their stake in the burgeoning digital economy. With the upcoming launch of TCG World in 2024, the platform is setting the stage for this transformation. TCG World, a virtual world within the metaverse, has successfully registered over 30 gaming guilds with a

5 Best Fortnite Halloween Skins of All Time

FortniteImage provided by Epic Games.Fortnitemares is here, and things are getting spooky around the island. From cube monsters plaguing the island to getting eliminated by a costumed opponent, this Halloween celebration is sure to give every Fortnite player a fright. Here are the five best Halloween skins of all time to help players get into the spooky mood.Cubic chaos, hordes of creatures, and the galaxy’s greatest monster hunter, @arianagrande with Spooky Smallz!What else is in the #Fortnitemares cards this week?— Fortnite (@FortniteGame) October 19, 20215. All Hallow’s SteveAll Hallows

Overwatch League talent on playoffs, dark horses, and powerful Dragons

Few people know the intricacies of the Overwatch League as well as the folks who are paid to analyze it every day. Ahead of the 2021 playoffs, which begin on Sept. 21 and culminate in a Grand Finals showdown on Sept. 25, we figured that no group of people was more equipped to offer postseason insights than the league’s talent team.   In lieu of a physical roundtable, Dot Esports reached out to various members of the Overwatch League talent team for some hot takes and ice-cold reality checks about the

All Fortnite game modes, explained

There’s more than one way of playing Fortnite, and all of them are fun in their own right. While the most competitive players may focus on the Arena mode and tournaments, Epic Games usually introduces limited-time game modes (LTMs) featuring new mechanics with each major patch. Not only are these game modes a nice way to blow off some steam, but they also come with various challenges that reward players with XP. Even if players don’t enjoy a certain game mode, playing it a few times will be enough to

Noxcrew confirms Minecraft Championships (MCC) 17 will run on Sept. 18

Noxcrew wasted no time in pushing ahead into Minecraft Championships (MCC) 17, announcing that the next numbered competition will take place on Sept. 18.  This is much earlier than the event typically runs. Noxcrew tends to use the entire month to hype up the competition with game, team, and content reveals before hosting it on the final weekend. But the team is hinting that there could be something extra involved in the quick turnaround.  For fans, this could mean some special element being added into MCC 17 that needs to

Inclusivity and Representation within Esports & Games

Compared to film and television, video games are breaking considerable boundaries onscreen when it comes to diversity and representation. However, this representation is largely only superficial. Although women and minorities are indeed working behind the scenes, the industry is still dominated by men. For us to see real change on-screen, the overall video games industry and esports sector needs to undergo some serious diversification.   Women in the Video Games Industry   While female protagonists in video games are nothing new, there is an image problem when it comes to