New World Leatherworking guide: tips and tricks

There are a few resources in New World that are foundational pieces of virtually every crafting recipe. Alongside metal ingots and cloth, you’ll need to get your hands on plenty of leather if you look to craft weapons, armor, tools, bags, and more. This means you’ll likely be upgrading your Leatherworking skill while exploring Aeternum. And with all the Rawhide you get from carving creatures, you’ll have plenty of materials to work on that skill. Here’s a guide to Leatherworking in New World, including the basics of Skinning and what

The most valuable items worth crafting and selling in New World

There’s plenty of reasons to focus on making money when you’re playing New World. Whether you’re maintaining or upgrading your gear, buying some final materials for a big item you’re crafting, or even purchasing a house and paying taxes on it, having gold comes in handy in Aeternum. You’ll make a decent amount of money completing town board quests, faction quests, side quests, and main story quests, but the real cash is selling highly sought-after goods at the trading posts. You can make some money here selling raw materials in

Back 4 Blood Secret Locations Guide: Where to Find the 10 Golden Skulls

Top GamesHere's a breakdown on where to find all the Secrets (Golden Skulls) in Back 4 Blood. / Photo courtesy of Turtle Rock StudiosIn the Back 4 Blood Campaign, there are 10 Secrets (aka Golden Skulls) for players to collect in order to complete 10 different achievements/trophies.The 10 Secrets are hidden as golden skulls in various levels waiting for players to pick them up. At the moment, however, they only can be found while playing online co-op rather than in the Solo Campaign mode, which is something Turtle Rock Studios

Where to Find the Morph Ball in Metroid Dread

Top GamesImage courtesy of NintendoHere's what you need to know in order to find the iconic Morph Ball in Metroid Dread. The long-awaited Metroid Dread has finally launched on Switch, and fans everywhere are getting stuck into this sci-fi adventure. Initially conceived as a Nintendo DS game, Metroid Dread was put on hold for numerous years due to the limitation of the console. This only stoked the anticipation of fans, who hoped to see it get its full release in the future. Now, thanks to the Nintendo Switch, Metroid Dread

Far Cry 6 Fort Quito Key: How to Open the Yaran Contraband

Top GamesWondering how to open the Yaran contraband in Fort Quito? Look no further. / Photo courtesy of UbisoftIn the operation "Du or Die" in Far Cry 6, there is a Yaran contraband chest in the basement of Fort Quito that is sealed away thanks to a chain-link fence and a locked metal door.Although the mission does involve a pair of keys for players to find in order to progress, many are wondering if the locked door is bugged as it appears nothing can be done to get it open.

How to Open the Du or Die Locked Door in Far Cry 6

Top GamesImage courtesy of UbisoftIf you're stuck wondering how to open the Du or Die locked door in Far Cry 6, don't worry - here's what you need to know.Far Cry 6 has finally launched and many players are getting stuck into what the island of Yara has to offer. This world offers many hidden secrets and areas just waiting to be discovered, some proving to be more of a challenge to access than others. If you've stumbled across a certain locked door underneath Fort Quito, you're probably left wondering

New World Mining Guide Explained

Top GamesPhoto courtesy of Amazon Studios New World is heavily focused on professions. Players work together to upgrade Settlements and even the different crafting stations throughout the town. The game has multiple gathering professions as well, including the notorious Mining ability. As with every fantasy MMORPG, there will always be some type of Mining, Smelting, and Blacksmithing. New World is similar to Mining, Smelting, and different types of crafting. Players will use the ore for Engineering, Armoring, and Weaponsmithing. For today's focus, we'll be targeting Mining. Players will of course

Where to find Lodestone in New World and how to use it

When a settlement in New World flourishes, players from each faction benefit. An upgraded settlement means more upgraded crafting stations, which means an outpouring of goods hitting the Trading Post to stimulate the economy. One of the literal building blocks of upgrading settlements is Lodestone, a rare metal found throughout Aeternum. Here’s all the information you need about this rare metal, including where to find it, when you can mine it, and what you can do with it. Where to find Lodestone in New World Lodestone is located in just