Nintendo Switch N64 Leak Reveals Original Super Smash Bros., LoZ: Majora’s Mask, and More

Top GamesA new Nintendo Switch leak has revealed even more Nintendo 64 titles that could be heading to the console. / NintendoA new Nintendo Switch leak has revealed even more Nintendo 64 titles that could be heading to the console. Nintendo's re-release of a handful of its classic Nintendo 64 games has sparked a wildfire of attention. From suggestions for new additions to ire over being unable to remap the controls, it seems like most Nintendo Switch players have something to say about the Switch Online N64 expansion taking place.

First Glimpse of the New Apex Legends Map

Apex LegendsThe Tropical Island map in Apex Legends / Credit to Respawn/EAThe Apex Legends: Escape launch trailer has just been released, giving players their first good look at the new Tropical Island map and some of the new content coming with it. The TerrainIn the trailer, the new map features white-sanded beaches with bright blue water surrounding dense forests that have a darker, more ominous tone. Some other interesting settings shown in the trailer are a massive crashed ship that has been infested with huge spiders and some steep cliffs

The best crafting and gathering jobs to level up in Final Fantasy XIV

There are many fighting and crafting jobs to choose from in Final Fantasy XIV, and it can be confusing for new players. In comparison with many other MMOs, this one allows for much flexibility on job choices. Switching between two jobs is as easy as one button, and all of them are pretty well balanced. On the crafting side, it’s also true—you will find a use for every Disciple of the Hand and Disciple of the Land job. Leveling them up is very important, since they offer functionalities that will

Apex Legends Leak Gives Players an Early Look at Season 11’s New Map

Apex LegendsWorld's Edge in Apex Legends / Credit to EA/RespawnA recent leak on the r/ApexUncovered subreddit reveals what potentially could be a screenshot of the new map in its entirety, including the names of points of interest and vehicle spawn points. Players have been expecting a new tropical island themed map to come to Apex Legends for a couple of seasons now because of information revealed by data miners. But none of the information leaked previously claimed to have such specific information. The map shows the name of all of