PGL Major Stockholm stickers and Pick’Em released

Valve has released the pre-Major update to the game, releasing various content relating to the upcoming $2 million tournament taking place in Stockholm, Sweden on October 26-November 7. Those who have been calling on stickers to be released for the past few days will be happy to hear that team stickers and a new addition in team patches are among the content released. While every team sticker is available, only the player autographs of the eight playoff teams from the tournament will be released following the conclusion of the Major.

Latest CS:GO update fixes water sound bug

The latest update to CS:GO has finally resolved a sound bug that has been a long-running issue in the game, which allowed players to hear footstep sounds when players ran through water on parts of the map they should be unable to hear from their current positions. Discussion and disdain regarding the bug, which Valve specified in the patch notes would emit from spectating players' death locations, has been building since the addition of Ancient, which features water around the Terrorist spawn. However, the bug itself has been previously reported

Ancient replaces Train in active duty map pool in latest CS:GO update

Valve have announced a change to the active duty map pool following the end of Operation Broken Fang, swapping Train for Ancient and making a number of changes to the new map ahead of its competitive debut. In a follow-up tweet, the developer confirmed that the first Regional Major Ranking (RMR) events that are set to play out in the following weeks in North America, Europe, and CIS will continue to utilise the old map pool, with the change taking effect following the conclusion of the tournaments. The addition of