How to watch Shortnitemares in Fortnite

With Halloween just around the corner, it’s no surprise that many video games are organizing events related to the holiday. And, as expected, that’s the case in Fortnite. Epic Games has prepared the Shortnitemares Film Festival for its players, which will be running from Oct. 28 at 5pm CT to Nov. 1 at 5pm CT. Shortnitemares is a film festival during which players will be able to watch seven animated short horror films. It’s also a final aspect of Fortnitemares, the Halloween-inspired event in Fortnite that happens every year. If

Best Fortnite Squid Game Map Codes

Netflix is filled with good shows, movies, and documentaries, but only a few of them draw the whole world’s attention upon their release. Squid Game is one of those shows. Shortly after it made its debut on the streaming platform, Squid Game became the hottest show of the year and suddenly found itself as the center of attention for seemingly the entire internet. While some content creators tried creating their own version of the popular TV show on the streets, gamers preferred to recreate the hit TV show inside their

Apex Legends Ash Voice Actor: Who is It?

Apex LegendsPhoto by EAMany voices stay in everyone's heads when thinking about video game characters. One of the newest Apex Legends characters, Ash, has had us wondering who is behind the voice?Ash’s problems are all in her head...but that’s the most dangerous place they could be ?— Apex Legends (@PlayApex) October 18, 2021Ash is voiced by actress, Anna Campbell.In the tweet above, PlayApex tweeted out a background story about the newest character coming to the game, Ash. Anna Campbell voices Ash and her background in acting has a couple

Call of Duty’s ‘The Haunting’ teaser video stars FaZe Swagg, Ghostface from Scream

Call of Duty is amping up the hype for its “The Haunting” event, coming to Warzone and Black Ops Cold War next week. A short teaser video posted on Twitter today stars FaZe Swagg and the voice of the Ghostface killer from the Scream movie franchise, Roger L. Jackson. It’s a pretty awesome clip, highly reminiscent of the classic slasher films. Just like a scene out of one of the movies, Swagg is chilling on his couch at home when he receives a phone call from an unknown number. That’s

Best tech gifts for him

Knowing who to buy meaningful tech gifts for isn’t very difficult. Knowing what to buy, on the other hand, can be a mountainous task that is best trekked with the advice of people who know tech best. If you want to know what the best tech gifts for your partner, friend, or relative are, you needn’t look any further than the below items. The best gifts in tech from tablets, party accessories, room decor, and more can make for memorable gifts, which make for unforgettable parties, anniversaries, and surprises. GrowlerWerks

ESR 24/7 Esports Network to launch hundreds of hours of esports gaming…

ESR esports is now on Roku. Our high-quality but down-to-earth, home-brew shows appeal to viewers of all backgrounds and ages, gamers and non-gamers alike. NEW YORK (PRWEB) September 30, 2021 ESR 24/7 Esports Network today announced that it will bring hundreds of hours of esports gaming content to The Roku Channel, including its flagship original Esports Times gameshow. Launched in 2017, The Roku Channel is the home for free entertainment on America’s No. 1 TV streaming platform, based on hours streamed (Hypothesis Group, April 2021). The Roku Channel licenses and

Spine Interview – Characters, Combat, Balancing, and More

There’s no shortage of multiplayer games competing for everyone’s attention, so when a new one emerges that promises something new and unique, you can’t help but pay attention. Banzai Games’ upcoming team-based action title Spine is certainly making those promises. Combining hero shooter elements with team-based gameplay, stylish gun-fu combat, and a focus on cinematic action, it certainly seems to have the elements in place to deliver something interesting. Hoping to learn more about Spine, we recently reached out to its developers with some of our questions about it. You can read our

The best wooden headphone stands in 2021

A solid headphone stand is key to any PC setup. One way to instantly take any setup to the next level is by not only adding a sleek and solid headphone stand to the mix but a wooden one at that. Here are the best wooden headphone stands to add to any PC setup in 2021. Best overall headphone stand Grovemade Wood Headphone Stand Image via Grovemade This wooden headphone stand is made for those who prefer a clean aesthetic and high quality over budget accessories. It’s made from American

For the love of the loot: Blockchain, the metaverse and gaming’s blind spot

Jonathan Stringfield Contributor Jonathan Stringfield, PhD, is VP and Global Head of Business Marketing, Measurement and Insights at Activision Blizzard Media and Esports. The speed at which gaming has proliferated is matched only by the pace of new buzzwords inundating the ecosystem. Marketers and decision makers, already suffering from FOMO about opportunities within gaming, have latched onto buzzy trends like the applications of blockchain in gaming and the “metaverse” in an effort to get ahead of the trend rather than constantly play catch-up. The allure is obvious, as the relationship