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When does CS:GO’s Operation Riptide end?

Operation Riptide hit CS:GO live servers last night, following a long period of meaningful updates. It includes gameplay changes, a whole bunch of new skins, map changes, and the addition of free-for-all and team modes in deathmatch lobbies. Week after week, players will receive a new mission card featuring several missions to complete and receive Operation stars when they’re done. Operation stars serve to unlock Operation Riptide’s rewards, which include new Agents, new skins, the Operation’s skin case, and stickers. Today we are excited to ship CS:GO's 11th Operation, Operation

Operation Riptide released; Dust2 mid cross blocked; M4A1-S buffed, Deagle nerfed

Valve have released the eleventh operation for CS:GO, entitled "Operation Riptide", and have simultaneously shipped a number gameplay updates, including the addition of a Private Matchmaking Queue mode. Most crucial to the competitive scene though, are four major updates to gameplay: Terrorists can no longer spot CTs crossing Dust2's mid doors as a wall has been added to obscure vision, requiring players to drop into suicide to gain insight. Grenades have also been made droppable akin to weapons in "most game modes." The M4A1-S has received a buff to body