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How to play TFT Double Up Lab: Full details and updates

A new Lab called Double Up is coming to Teamfight Tactics shortly after the release of Set Six Gizmos & Gadgets. Releasing via PBE one day before the launch of TFT Set Six Gizmos & Gadgets, players can queue into the Double Up Lab with a partner or as a solo player. The Lab will become available on Live servers when Patch 11.23 drops on Nov. 17. Similar to the Hyper Roll TFT Lab, there are five badges awarded for rank placements: Gray (zero points), Green (1,400 points), Blue (2,600

Legends of Runeterra adding new Lab of Legends mode: The Saltwater Scourge

Riot Games introduced Legends of Runeterra’s next extension to its Lab of Legends game mode, The Saltwater Scourge, in its “What’s Next for Legends of Runeterra” video today. The new version of Lab of Legends is a larger-scale take on the existing Roguelike-inspired single-player content for LoR. In addition, while the video says that the mode will be available by the end of the summer, Lab of Legends: The Saltwater Scourge will be releasing tomorrow. Image via Riot GamesImage via Riot GamesImage via Riot Games In this mode, players will

Legends of Runeterra Patch 2.8.0 brings new event, Dark Horizon

Legends of Runeterra’s next update, Patch 2.8.0 is releasing tomorrow. As expected with past update schedules, the next patch brings no balance iteration for Guardians of the Ancient. But it will add the game’s next event, Dark Horizon. The newest event adds an “event road” that has multiple rewards for people who purchase the premium event path and those who go the free-to-play route. Dark Horizon also shakes up the cosmetic side of LoR by adding the game’s first legendary-tier board alongside a Mega Guardian. In addition, there are now