IEM Fall groups unveiled ahead of final RMR event for all CS:GO regions before PGL Stockholm Major

The final series of Regional Major Rankings is upon us. The IEM Fall events for all major CS:GO regions are set to begin at the end of September and run through the beginning of October. These events will take place just weeks before the start of the PGL Stockholm Major, which is on track to begin on Oct. 26 live from Avicii Arena in Sweden’s capital. IEM Fall will shape the final rankings for each region prior to Stockholm and will determine each team’s status—and, therefore, their starting point. Here

NKT win 2-0 to secure IEM Fall Asia open qualifier

NKT, current home to ex-Grayhound rifler Erdenetsogt "⁠erkaSt⁠" Gantulga, completed their comfortable cruise through the second IEM Fall Asia open qualifier by besting CatEvil 2-0 in the grand final. Both teams went into this best-of-three having experienced little trouble in the single elimination best-of-one phase of the qualifier, NKT also being by far the highest rated team at the event. NKT join Checkmate, Wings and Invictus in the closed qualifier, which takes place September 17-19, where two spots at IEM Fall will be up for grabs. erkaSt and his team

Checkmate, Renewal qualify for DreamHack Open June Asia

The two Mongolian squads in the closed qualifier, Checkmate and Renewal, have secured spots at DreamHack Open June Asia after coming in first and second in the Asian tournament's four-team double-elimination closed qualifier. Checkmate made it to the main event in the first instance and through the upper bracket, winning their opening match against the Singaporean squad HZ and following it up with their second victory in the upper bracket final against NKT. dobu and co. were able to take revenge on NKT in the lower bracket After losing to