PUBG PC Patch 14.1 Adds Halloween Theme

PUBGImage courtesy of PUBG Corporation/KraftonThe latest patch has arrived for the PC version of PUBG, and it includes some Halloween themed updates. It's that time of year again where games start getting in the spirit of Halloween. With October just around the corner, themed additions have been planned for a lot of the top games. PUBG is no exception. This year, parts of the game will be fully decorated to maximize the Halloween vibe.Locations such as the School will appear noticably different. These areas feature large pumpkin signs, adorned with

EA Sports unveils the highest potential ratings in FIFA 22 Career Mode

EA Sports revealed today the highest potential ratings of players with “potential to dominate the game for years to come.” The full list contains the 20 players that can have a top-tier rating in FIFA 22’s Career Mode. Career Mode is the game mode in which players can act as managers of their favorite club. Part of your role as a manager is to develop players so they can have a higher overall rating (OVR). Like last year, Kylian Mbappé from Paris Saint-Germain is the player with the highest potential OVR (95)

What is the best refresh rate for gaming?

When building a gaming PC, builders spend hours looking for the perfect components to provide the best performance within their budget. Smooth frame rates and playing games without any stuttering or crashing are usually the prime goals of anyone looking to put together a gaming rig. With a high-end gaming PC, you’ll be able to play your favorite games with higher frame rates, allowing you to take advantage of high refresh rate monitors. A high refresh rate monitor will make games look more fluid and feature a lower response time