Animator recreates Faker’s famous Zed outplay from 2013

In 2013, SK Telecom T1 K’s Faker stunned the League of Legends community when he produced one of the most memorable plays in the history of the game. And now, a graphic designer named Miltfox has recreated it in animation. Faker’s outplay is unforgettable due to what was at stake during the grand finals of Champions 2013 Summer Split. It was SKT T1 K’s second split in Korea’s top-tier league and the team had their eyes set on their first possible championship. KT Rolster Bullets, the other squad in the

All maps in Overwatch

There are 21 standard maps in Overwatch covering a broad range of objectives, strategies, and game modes. There are five Assault maps, six Escort Maps, five Hybrid maps, and five Control maps used for both quick and competitive play. In diverse locations based loosely on the real world, like Paris, Havana, and Hollywood, these maps set the scene for Overwatch, offering unique ways to play the game, outplay opponents, and score kills.  A new map type called Push will also be joining the game when Overwatch 2 launches sometime next

Omen player uses nifty ultimate trick to grab Spike and 1-vs-4 clutch a VALORANT round

The Omen tech is real. One VALORANT player used the mysterious agent to absolutely outplay the opposing team. The play began with a teleport trick to grab the Spike and ended with a stellar clutch. Another fan showcased a nifty trick last week that allows Omen to grab the Spike during his From the Shadows animation, even if you cancel the ultimate and go back to your initial location. And the Omen player employed this strat during their match to bamboozle the enemy squad. In the one-vs-four situation, Omen’s first

The 7 worst champions in League of Legends

Keeping up with the metagame is almost a must if you’re looking to climb up in League of Legends’ ranked ladder. Each balance patch can shift champion power rankings, and some characters may fall behind the rest of the competition. While it’s still possible to master them and carry your team, you’ll spend far more effort to get to the top. Knowing the worst-performing champions in League can be a double-edged sword. You’ll likely build a better champion pool by avoiding the underperformers, but it may also cause you to

Jett, Sova, Astra, Skye are most picked agents at VCT Masters Berlin group stage

In what will come as no surprise to anyone, Jett was the most picked VALORANT agent throughout VCT Masters Berlin‘s group stage. The mobile duelist has proven time and time again that she’s a must-pick in pro play. Jett’s ability to get in and out of danger, access unique vantage points, and dominate during save rounds makes her VALORANT‘s premier duelist. While no agent enjoys anywhere near as high of a pick rate at Masters Berlin so far, Sova, Astra, and Skye round out the top four. Screengrab via VLR.gg

Pokémon UNITE player secures the perfect pentakill with Gardevoir

Pokémon UNITE has been available for more than a month now, and players are beginning to master their favorite Pokémon. One Gardevoir player showed off some true mastery of the species kit as well as some impeccable timing, scoring a Pentakill in a recent gameplay clip. The player shared their victorious outplay in a post that showcased just how much burst damage Gardevoir is capable of doing in the right situation. In what looks to have been quite an even game, the player’s team was looking to take Zapdos, while

Vulpecula god roll in Destiny 2

Vulpecula came into Season of the Lost bringing one of the most unique perk pools in Destiny 2 and a few easy avenues to obtain it. The wealth of perks in Vulpecula brings out a series of possible god rolls for this Hand Cannon, but there are a few perks that have a clear edge over the rest. God rolls are a personal affair, though. And while guardians can consider some perks and parts to be better, it ultimately comes down to preference. Here’s our selection for a Vulpecula god

Heroic detail nature of documents allegedly shared by HUNDEN

Heroic have released a statement on Friday for the first time detailing the nature of the documents that they are claiming HUNDEN shared with a competitor ahead of IEM Cologne and which led to the 30-year-old being banned for two years by ESIC for endangering the competitive integrity of the German tournament. In response to requests for clarification over the contents of said documents, which were described as "anti-strats" by HUNDEN, the organization stated that they entail more than opponents' tendencies. According to Heroic, the documents reveal substantial information about

What is Splitgate’s Player Count?

Top GamesSplitgate's portal in action / Credit to 1047 GamesSplitgate is an innovative take on the arena shooter genre due to its use of portals. Players can fire two different colors of portals onto certain walls and surfaces around the map to create an immediate link between any two places. This opens up endless ways to not only traverse the game's arenas, but also creative ways to outplay opponents. As of July 27 2021, Splitgates free to play open beta has been available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and

Pokémon UNITE Charizard Build

PokémonCharizard as seen in-game / Nintendo, The Pokemon Company, and TiMi StudiosPokémon UNITE Charizard has a few options with his build you can consider. Typically, you will see Charizard taken in the bottom lane, but can work in the central lane or even the jungle.No matter where you decide to take Charizard, the plan is relatively the same: play defensive and farm wild Pokémon when you are Charmander and Chameleon. Charizard's biggest downside is he takes a little bit to get online, seeing as his basic evolutions are a lot