Movistar Riders scrape by TYLOO to remain alive in PGL Stockholm Major

Movistar Riders’ all-Spanish CS:GO team get to fight another day in the PGL Stockholm Major Challengers Stage after narrowly defeating TYLOO 2-1 today in the 1-2 pool match. The series was incredibly close, even though Movistar Riders were clearly the favorites prior to the encounter. The Spaniards kicked off the best-of-three elimination match with a 16-14 win on Inferno. TYLOO won Mirage 16-7 to tie the series. And the decisive map couldn’t have been more perfect for the spectators since both teams brawled it out on Vertigo. When Movistar Riders

The final guard: Five legacy Major players left standing

Seven years of CS:GO Majors. Fifteen events in history where players have fought fervently to crown themselves as champions of the biggest tournament in the circuit, to reach glory and eternally etch their names in the history books of Counter-Strike. And only six players are left with the honor of having played at every single one. Heading into PGL Major Stockholm, now-retired and former NAVI in-game leader Danylo "⁠Zeus⁠" Teslenko is about to fall off that already short list of legacy players, leaving us with just five names who will

All teams in the CoD: Mobile World Championship 2021 Finals

Every regional league has wrapped up, and the 16 teams in the first-ever Call of Duty: Mobile World Championship Finals 2021 have been locked in. The World Championship Finals will take place in December and will feature a prize pool of $2 million, according to Liquipedia. Activision hasn’t revealed information about its exact format, schedule, or venue yet. This will be the first world championship for the game after last year’s was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are all the teams in the CoD: Mobile World Championship Finals

How to Watch the October Animal Crossing Direct

Top GamesImage courtesy of NintendoSome long-awaited updates are coming to Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Here's how to watch the dedicated Direct stream. A highly anticipated update is set to come to Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Many fans have been speculating over the past few weeks over what could possibly be coming to the simulation game; Nintendo so far have been relatively tight-lipped. One feature that has been confirmed, though, is the addition of The Roost, a museum cafe first introduced in Animal Crossing: Wild World. If you've been following any

Twitch breaks viewership records again in 2021

This article is proudly sponsored by Stream Hatchet. As pandemic restrictions lessen around the U.S., many are returning to school, offices, and entertainment venues. This reopening of restaurants, movie theatres, and concert halls means increased competition against the livestreaming space, which saw massive growth during 2020. So how are streaming platforms faring as more and more people attempt a “return to normal,” and which platforms are seeing the most growth? According to data analytics platform Stream Hatchet, Twitch remains the most popular livestreaming platform with over 18.5 billion hours watched

Jeff Strain Founds Possibility Space with Legion of Gaming Veterans

Top GamesJeff Strain, Jane Ng and Austin Walker are three of the founding members of Possibility Space. / Photo courtesy of Possibility SpaceArenaNet co-founder and Undead Labs founder Jeff Strain has founded a new studio, Possibility Space, featuring plenty of industry veterans.Although the studio will be based in New Orleans, its staff will be physically distributed, making it easier to incorporate the many luminaries on staff. They include visual director Jane Ng, formerly of Campo Santo and Valve; IP Director Austin Walker of the Friends at the Table and formerly

Final Fantasy XIV reportedly hits 24 million player count

Over a decade after its initial release, Square Enix’s MMO Final Fantasy XIV has surpassed 24 million players, producer Naoki Yoshida announced during the latest Endwalker’s media event, according to IGN. He added that it’s become the most profitable game in the Final Fantasy series, overtaking other MMO game Final Fantasy XI. Released in 2002, Final Fantasy XI was announced as the most profitable game of the license in 2012 and had kept its place since then before being surpassed by Final Fantasy XIV. Yoshida reportedly said that in 2015,

PGL Major Stockholm team list finalized as Copenhagen Flames claim last spot

Copenhagen Flames have secured the final spot at PGL Major Stockholm after clinching seventh place at IEM Fall Europe over Fiend and denying the Bulgarians a place in the $2 million event. After a grueling qualification process which ran across six regions and essentially began over a year and a half ago with the first set of Regional Major Ranking tournaments, the stage is set for the return of CS:GO to the biggest and most prestigious competition there is. A sight that is only a few weeks away now The