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Blinders and Mismatch Expert Nerfed, Unpluckable Buffed in NBA 2K22 Hotfix

Top GamesOn Sept. 24, a Badge balancing hotfix went live in NBA 2K22, nerfing Mismatch Expert and Blinders, while also buffing Unpluckable. / Photo courtesy of Ralston Dacanay, 2KThe effectiveness of Blinders, Mismatch Expert and Unpluckable have all been adjusted in NBA 2K22 as part of a hotfix Friday.All three of the changes have taken effect in both the Current Gen and Next Gen versions of the virtual basketball title, with no download required for the update.A minor badge balancing update will go live for current and new gen tomorrow

How to fix the Version Mismatch error in Rocket League

While people are often advised to take breaks in between gaming sessions, most Rocket League players can’t help but queue up for another match right after they get out of one. After all, if you’re on a roll, you’ll want to play as many matches as possible while you’re feeling unbeatable. Pesky errors can prevent you from queueing up for your next match, however—and the Version Mismatch error is one of them. Considering you were just playing Rocket League without any problems, receiving a version mismatch error may seem odd.

How to update MTG Arena

MTG Arena will typically automatically update whenever there’s a new patch, but sometimes players experience difficulties that prevent the game from doing so.  Whenever a new patch goes live and you open Arena for the first time, you should see a pop-up in your application that begins to display where you are in the patch download process. This will indicate things are running appropriately, and you won’t need to do anything special to make sure that Arena updates.  For some players, this may not be the case.  If trying to open