Hearthstone Patch 21.6, Deadmines mini-set arriving on Nov. 2

Hearthstone’s Patch 21.6 is a large-scale update for all of its game modes and is arriving Nov. 2. The main appeal of this patch is the upcoming mini-set for the United in Stormwind expansion, which is themed after the Deadmines in Westfall. Similar to previous mini-sets, this one will be available for either $14.99 or 2,000 gold. Players unable to buy the mini-set through this method can find these cards in their United in Stormwind packs. The Deadmines mini-set will release Nov. 2, and players can expect four legendary cards,

G2 jungler Jankos explains why Europe fell short at Worlds 2021: ‘We have about 18 games in a split. [LCK teams] can play up to f*****g 60, 70 games’

Earlier this week, G2 Esports jungler Jankos sounded off on the pitfalls of the LEC and why professional League of Legends in Europe pales in comparison to other regions across the globe.  Jankos mentioned how players from Europe were being sold and bought out by North American teams during the offseason process. Last year, European natives like Perkz, Alphari, and others were picked up by North American squads ahead of the regular season.  [embedded content] “Half of our players [are] being sold to NA every single split because EU teams

Activision CEO Bobby Kotick has asked to receive minimum $62,500 salary until diversity goals are achieved

In a letter to Activision Blizzard employees and shared on the company’s investor relations page, CEO Bobby Kotick said he’s asked the board of directors to reduce his pay to the “lowest amount California law will allow,” which is $62,500 for salaried employees. The Oct. 28 letter describes the goals and milestones that Kotick hopes Activision Blizzard can achieve over the next few years. Kotick said his compensation will stay reduced until the board determines that the company has achieved those goals. He said this is to “ensure that every

Activision CEO to Take Pay Cut, Waive Arbitration in Harassment Claims

Top GamesBobby Kotick, left, has asked Activision Blizzard's board of directors to significantly reduce his salary temporarily. / Kevin Dietsch/GettyImagesActivision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick has announced he will take a steep pay cut and waive forced arbitration on sexual harassment, unlawful discrimination, or related retaliation.Kotick has been the company's steward since 2008. A pair of court cases and investigations, led by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing, have accused Activision Blizzard of a culture rife with sexual harassment and gender-based discrimination. Activision

Warzone Hackers Are Being Paid to Stream Snipe TimTheTatman, and More

Call of DutyImage courtesy of ActivisionWarzone hackers are reportedly being paid to stream snipe popular content creators, such as TimTheTatman and FaZe Kalei.Recently, pro Warzone player Fifakill took to Twitter to discuss a conversation he had with a notorious cheater. The hacker in question, who uses the rather on-the-nose moniker "IHACKFORTHEWIN," apparently stream snipes certain streamers whilst hacking. According to Fifakill, there's a Discord server dedicated to the frustrating practice. This Discord server lets users pay to to put a bounty on a certain streamer. This then invites hackers to stream

Sony Patents Tech Allowing Spectators to Kick Players From Games

Top GamesSony's latest patent would allow viewers to kick players out of matches. / Photo courtesy of SonySony has been granted a patent that would allow spectators of a game to kick players competing in the match, either by vote or by paying cash.The patent is titled "Spectators Vote to Bench Players in a Video Game." Sony filed it in January 2020 and was granted it on Tuesday (H/T OP Attack).Can a patent be a total jerk?— Matthew Lane (@MattCameronLane) October 21, 2021The feature described in the patent allows spectators

How much does Pokimane make on Twitch?

Pokimane is among the most popular female content creators on Twitch, and as such, her payout from the platform was included in the Twitch leaks from earlier this month. The data breach on Twitch, which included payouts to streamers that spanned from August 2019 to October 2021, showed Pokimane as the highest-paid female content creator on the platform over that time and the 39th highest-paid overall.  Pokimane’s total payout for the 26-month period came out to $1,528,303. That pay only included subscriptions, bit donations, and advertisement revenue. The number does

Here are the best League of Legends wallpapers

League of Legends is home to a vast multitude of worlds, regions, and multiverses. While most League players will only recognize the landscape of Summoner’s Rift (which is fine), there’s a whole universe of League lore waiting to be explored. Much of that universe is supplemented by some extremely in-depth art pieces that could serve as wallpapers, printouts, or pieces of a slideshow.  Several years ago, Riot consolidated all of League’s lore—including the game’s short stories, champion biographies, and associated pieces of artwork—onto the League Universe website. There, players can

Is Rocket League Free on Switch?

Top GamesPhoto courtesy of Psyonix/Epic GamesDespite being released on Nintendo Switch for nearly four years, Rocket League continues to experience surges in popularity. Both the game and esports scene are constantly growing as new players fall in love with the game's simplistic concept. Rocket League allows for all players to queue and have fun, regardless of their skill level.As new players flock to the Nintendo Store to download and play the game, one question permeates their minds. Is Rocket League free on Nintendo Switch????Rocket League free to play is LIVE

How to Unlock the ‘Scalpel’ Green Dot Reticle in Warzone

Call of DutyHere's a breakdown of how to unlock and equip the "Scalpel" reticle in Call of Duty: Warzone Season 6. / Photo courtesy of ActivisionThe "Scalpel" reticle is quickly gaining traction as the best ADS cosmetic offering available in Warzone.Warzone has long been an battle royale won by those exploiting the smallest of advantages, including the look of their reticle. While for Modern Warfare guns, the T Pose style has long been a staple used on the VLK 3.0x Optic, for Black Ops Cold War weapons there hasn't been