Blueberry Protocol Launches High-Leverage DeFi Hub Optimized For Liquidity Access and Risk Control

[PANAMA CITY, PANAMA] January 23, 2024 – Blueberry Protocol today announces the launch of its decentralized prime brokerage terminal, delivering industry-leading Loan-to-Value (LTV) ratios of up to 20x for optimized on-chain trading and yield strategies. Blueberry is the first protocol to enable decentralized access to generalized leverage models with leverage on Ethereum and offers an increasing value opportunity with more sophisticated security management and higher leverage than traditional prime brokerage. By merging innovative and transparent risk management instruments with an advanced leverage architecture, Blueberry aims to broaden accessibility, increase efficiency,

New World implements new AFK detection method and punishments

Amazon Games is devising a new solution against players who try to bypass New World‘s native AFK mitigation. In an update posted late Saturday night, community manager HardcoreHenry posted an update on how they plan to deal with AFK players. In the post, they decline to go into detail on how the solution works, and those who are playing New World normally will not experience any disconnection issues. Those who have been playing New World since it launched on Monday are well aware of how awful the queue times are,

Fortnite Creative v18.10 Update: What’s New

FortniteImage provided by Epic Games.Fortnite Battle Royale had recently received its v18.10 update, and Creative wasn’t left out. Here’s what’s new in the Creative game mode. Creative Mode now has the two existing Sideways weapons available for use, alongside the shards needed to upgrade them. The Sideways Rifle and the Sideways Minigun come up to their Legendary variants, so players cannot create or craft a Mythical-tier weapon. In addition to those weapons, Paint Launchers and Paint Grenades have also been added and come in two colors, Orange and Purple. You can now

What is Squelch Chat in Overwatch?

Overwatch is more fun when you team up with friendly players and looking to cooperate with their teammates. While games like these may fly under the radar, it’ll be hard to forget a match where you were griefed by one of your teammates until the final minute. Though it’s easy to mute anyone who’s bothering you through the voice chat, they can still try their best to annoy you through the in-game chat. Voice lines of characters are also considered as a part of the in-game chat and you’ll continue to