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ShowMaker on returning to Worlds: ‘The experience of being a champion really means a lot in terms of how confident you are’

Experience and progress are directly related variables in theory. But when a player has already eclipsed every competitor in their field with just a few years of proven experience, “progress” quickly turns into “greatness.” Coming off of a League of Legends World Championship title in 2020, DWG KIA mid laner ShowMaker is the bannerman for an ever-growing wave of the game’s next-gen superstars. With an MVP award, several All-Pro accolades, four domestic championships, and the Summoner’s Cup all in his trophy case, the question for ShowMaker is simple: how much

Apex Legends Monster Energy Rewards and Skins Revealed Via Leak

Apex LegendsImage courtesy of Respawn Entertainment/Monster EnergyFollowing on from the beginning of the Apex Legends and Monster Energy collaboration early last month, a number of in-game rewards have been revealed.The Apex Legends/Monster Energy collaboration began on Aug. 1, tasking players with purchasing specific cans of Monster Energy containing promotional codes. From September, players can redeem these codes to unlock a variety of in-game rewards.This next stage of the promotion runs until Dec. 31, so players have until then to redeem as many codes as they deem necessary. Depending on how

Jatt resigns as Team Liquid’s LCS head coach, Santorin to take a break from competing due to health issues

The head coach of Team Liquid’s League of Legends squad, Joshua “Jatt” Leesman, has resigned from his position after one season with the organization, the team announced today. “We cannot thank Jatt enough for his work and dedication to Team Liquid, and wish him the best of luck going forward,” the organization said in a statement made earlier today. Jatt was brought on as Liquid’s head coach last May and took the team from ninth place in the LCS to the group stage of the World Championship within a span