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Popular LEC casters Medic and Vedius reveal how their duo was born in the EU Challenger Series

Many fans of the European League of Legends scene are familiar with two of the LEC’s most popular casters, Aaron “Medic” Chamberlain and Andrew “Vedius” Day. The two friends have quickly become one of the most beloved broadcast duos and have grown into the spotlight elegantly ever since they stepped onto the show. In a recent interview with Dot Esports, however, the two personalities explained that the start of their career together wasn’t all sunshine and smiles. In fact, Vedius said when they first worked together, he thought Medic was

How is Humankind different from Civilization VI?

Humankind is the newest game to hit the 4X strategy genre. But at first glance, you may wonder what makes it special. While Humankind has many similarities to other popular games like Civilization VI, Amplitude Studios has used the game as a way to introduce a handful of concepts that give it more replayability and options than what you might have experienced in Civ. Here are some of the differences between Humankind and Civilization VI. Leader Creating a leader in Civ vs. Humankind is perhaps one of the biggest areas