Riot details plans for European Regional Leagues in 2022

To continue to strengthen pathways for professional League of Legends players, major changes are coming to the European Regional Leagues in 2022. This includes solidifying their structure and ensuring their stability moving forward by extending license deals from Spain’s Superliga to France’s La Ligue Française. Maximillian Peter Schmidt, head of esports for League in Europe, detailed Riot’s plans for the ERLs in a Dev Post today. Accredited and non-accredited leagues Accredited leagues Every ERL will be divided into “accredited” and “non-accredited” leagues in 2022. The accredited leagues include Superliga, La

The best ITRA Burst loadout in Call of Duty: Vanguard

Assault rifle players will most likely find something to love with the ITRA Burst rifle in Call of Duty: Vanguard. The ITRA Burst’s real-life counterpart was called the Breda PG and it was the first semi-automatic burst rifle of its kind. The gas-operated rifle has a 20-round magazine and fires four-round bursts. It was originally used during WWII by Italian forces, using 6.5x52mm rounds of only semi-auto fire. A Costa Rican variant of the same weapon had an automatic fire mode with a four-round burst limiter, marking it as the