Experience the Future of Investment Banking with Finalis

Finalis Marketplace™enables independent investment banks to source deal flow  in an easy-to-use, real-time technology-enabled platform SAN FRANCISCO and NEW YORK – Jan  4, 2023 – Finalis, a rapidly growing investment-banking-as-a-service platform for dealmakers, recently launched its state-of-the-art platform, Finalis Marketplace™. The platform allows investment bankers, placement agents and M&A advisors to offer, find and promote deal collaboration with other dealmakers in real-time without the risk of revealing their clients’ identity.  Finalis provides a unified white-labeled broker dealer platform that ensures a seamless experience for dealmakers. Sourcing, distributing, and executing deals

Passport of the Future

A few years ago if you were to talk about governments being able to control your money and impose travel restrictions on their citizens most people would roll their eyes and ask where your tin foil hat was. These days however the dystopian future dreamt of by science fiction authors is rapidly becoming a reality. When it comes to dystopian visions of society and governmental overreach, most people’s first thoughts turn to China. Although they may be ahead of the curve at the moment, their path to a digital future

The Government Blockchain Association (GBA)’s EMEA Lead to speak at UK House of Commons

Wednesday 19th October 2022 from 17:30-19:00 (BST), theAll-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Blockchain Chair in the House of Commons, Martin Docherty-Hughes MP, has invited Ms. Priya Guliani, (the Government Blockchain Association’s Regional Lead for Europe, Middle East, and Africa), to speak at the APPG Evidence Meeting on Sustainability & Climate Change: Energy Consumption & Other Issues. This meeting is part of the APPG’s work on blockchain in the UK Parliament, and part of a series of APPG meetings to make the policymakers aware of blockchain technology's developments, applications, and regulatory implications.

Future of Money Governance & the Law New Podcast Host

Jacqueline Cooper, JD, MA LDT, NBCT, Blockchain Consultant, author, coach, speaker, and CryptoMom2, has been named the new host for GBA’s ‘The Future of Money, Governance, & the Law’ Podcast. October 10, 2022. Washington DC. The Government Blockchain Association (GBA) announces that Ms. Jacqueline Cooper has been named the new host for ‘The Future of Money Governance & the Law’ podcast. Ms. Cooper’s background is a Who’s Who of success, therefore, GBA has decided to interview her. GBA: What news or secrets are you hoping to uncover with this podcast?

How to watch Shortnitemares in Fortnite

With Halloween just around the corner, it’s no surprise that many video games are organizing events related to the holiday. And, as expected, that’s the case in Fortnite. Epic Games has prepared the Shortnitemares Film Festival for its players, which will be running from Oct. 28 at 5pm CT to Nov. 1 at 5pm CT. Shortnitemares is a film festival during which players will be able to watch seven animated short horror films. It’s also a final aspect of Fortnitemares, the Halloween-inspired event in Fortnite that happens every year. If

Plunder, Clash and Payload Modes Removed in Warzone Oct. 21 Update

Call of DutyFor those looking to level up weapons in Plunder, it seems this just simply isn't the week to do it. / Photo courtesy of ActivisionThose logging into Warzone this week will notice that three staple playlists as of late will be unavailable — Plunder, Clash and Payload.With The Haunting Event running at full throttle, some of the more core casual Warzone playlists have been shelved with The Ghosts of Verdansk mode taking center stage. While Raven Software and Activision prioritize their special holiday content, it seems some players

Raven Software Working on Fix for Warzone Ghost Glitch

Call of DutyGhost has been malfunctioning in Warzone, but Raven Software is on the case. / Photo courtesy of ActivisionA fix for a debilitating bug affecting the Ghost perk is on the way, says Warzone development studio Raven Software.Ghost is a crucial element of the current Warzone meta game. As frequent usage of UAVs is one of the most common strategies in the game, Ghost offers one of the few effective countermeasures by hiding its users from UAV scans.Ghost ✨doesn’t work✨ this game is broken part 6796— Jessie Cooks?

Everything we know about Endwalker’s Island Sanctuaries in Final Fantasy XIV

The best time of the year for Final Fantasy XIV fans is coming with the next expansion’s release date being just around the corner. Among the numerous new features and changes that will be introduced to the game alongside the Endwalker expansion, the Island Sanctuary has led to plenty of curiosity and discussion among many players. The Island Sanctuary will be a unique area that promises to offer an entirely new game experience for fans. Not much information has been revealed on the matter yet, but the expansion is only

Back 4 Blood Private Lobby: How to Create a Private Lobby

Top GamesPhoto by Turtle Rock StudiosNow that Back 4 Blood is officially released, fans of the game have started to discover multiple ways to play games such as a private lobby.It is not so obvious how to set up a private lobby in Back 4 Blood so there are a few things you have to do to get there.Attention, Cleaners who stream. The #Back4Blood Stream Pack is live! Download for free as part of the Fan Kit here:— Back 4 Blood (@back4blood) October 14, 2021In the tweet above,