ING spins out Pyctor digital assets technology to GMEX Group

Leading fintech provides regulatory compliant digital assets network & custody technologyStrengthens GMEX’s MultiHub platform, integrating traditional and decentralized finance London and Amsterdam, 11 July 2022 - ING announced today that it has spun out Pyctor to GMEX Group (‘GMEX’), a leader in digital business and technology solutions for exchanges and post-trade market infrastructure. Pyctor’s digital post-trade market infrastructure technology is designed for firms operating in regulated environments. It provides highly secure digital custody and transactional network services for a broad range of digital assets, as well as delivering interoperability between

SCCG Management and Odds AI Announce Strategic Business Development Partnership for North America

SCCG Management CEO and Founder, Stephen Crystal announced a partnership with the Sydney, Australia-based company, Odds AI, to provide investment, business development, and strategic advisory services to grow the company within the North American sports wagering markets. Stephen Crystal said of the partnership, “The need for powerful, accurate and scalable automation in sports wagering operations will be the central tool enabling micro markets and in play betting, in a risk-managed, cost-effective manner. AI and machine learning are the means by which we will achieve the high value growth consumers will

Overwatch Fan Creates Squid Game-Inspired D.Va Concept

OverwatchOne Overwatch fan has created a skin for Korean hero, Hana "" Song, inspired by the recently released hit television show, Squid Game. / Blizzard EntertainmentOne Overwatch fan has created a skin for Korean hero, Hana "" Song, inspired by the recently released hit Netflix show, Squid Game. Squid Game has taken social media by storm since its release only a few short weeks ago. The nine-episode South Korean drama (K-Drama) created by Hwang Dong-hyuk premiered on Netflix on Sept. 17 and showcases the financial struggle of several citizens throughout

Pokemon UNITE Halloween Event Introduces Greedent

PokémonPokemon UNITE is introducing a new addition to its roster, Greedent, alongside its Halloween event. / Tencent, Game FreakPokemon UNITE is introducing a new addition to its roster, Greedent, alongside its Halloween event.The announcement came via a tweet published on the verified Pokemon UNITE Twitter profile on Monday, Oct. 18. In a short video clip, players were shown several themed features coming to the game during the brand new seasonal event. Among colorful outfits for both Pokemon and trainers, fans were greeted with another combatant waiting in the wings: the

Apex Legends Devs Are Working on Fixing Wattson’s Broken Ultimate Ability

Apex LegendsA fix for Wattson's ultimate ability bugs is reportedly in the works. / Photo courtesy of Respawn EntertainmentWhen it comes to balancing Wattson in Apex Legends, Respawn Entertainment have notoriously been hesitant to do so whether it be due to her high win rates or her "invisible power" — her abilities can force players to adjust their strategies without dealing damage.However, the latest Wattson news revolves around reverting a nerf that wasn't intended by the game's developers in the first place.6 8 2 4 1Tune in on October 18,

XSET looks to tackle DMCA issues with new music platform, StreamJ

DMCA takedowns are the bane of every gaming streamer’s existence. And with many top publishing companies proving to be extremely litigious, the issue isn’t going away anytime soon. But with the help of its connections to the music industry, XSET has found a way to give streamers music to play on stream, while at the same time helping up-and-coming musicians get much-needed exposure. XSET announced today that it’s partnered with DMCA-free music brand PRTL to create a space for streamers to find music that they can stream for free called

VALORANT player programs new inventory manager

VALORANT fans are always thinking of new ways that the game’s user interface can be improved to give players a better look and more options that aren’t currently present within the game. One of the creators strongly behind this initiative is Colin Hartigan, who programmed his dream inventory manager to cycle through the different looks of weapons currently in VALORANT. In a demo clip, Colin showed how you can cycle through each weapon’s different levels and available color palettes to see how each weapon will look in-game. In the concept,