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Paribus on the Rise

The past few weeks have seen a whirlwind of activity for the team, bridging over to Cardano and raising awareness of Paribus. The upcoming weeks and months will be equally exciting as we are poised to deliver more elements from our roadmap. As more of the circulating PBX supply transitions to Cardano, we’ve been making strides toward getting the token listed on two more decentralized exchanges (DEXs). We’ll be able to announce each one as they launch, so stay tuned to our Discord, Twitter, and Telegram channels for the latest

Rogue Bunnies, Former Playmate Victoria Fuller and Others in Exciting Fun Packed NFT Launch

Dateline: Los Angeles Ca 10th October 2022. Former Playmate Victoria Fuller (Miss January 1996) has assembled a collection of her former colleagues, all former Playmates to come together in a fun packed NFT Series which aims to bring to the “Virtual World” some of the fun, glitz and glamour of the “old days” Victoria Fuller, CEO Gatefold Labs in her own gallery with a collection of her own paintings “Being a Playboy Playmate was the ultimate in many a girl’s career modelling wise and brought with it a certain cache

McCree to be Renamed Cole Cassidy in Overwatch on Oct. 26

McCree will be renamed to Cole Cassidy in Overwatch on Oct. 26, 2021. / Photo courtesy of BlizzardStarting on Oct. 26, 2021, McCree will be renamed to Cole Cassidy in all things Overwatch, Blizzard announced Friday.The long-awaited news was made with a heartfelt blurb connecting the cowboy bounty hunter with the real world, and pointing to a promising future spurred by necessary changes.Meet Cole Cassidy.Rides into Overwatch October 26.— Overwatch (@PlayOverwatch) October 22, 2021"Running from his past meant running from himself," Blizzard wrote, "and each passing year only widened

‘The Haunting’ Warzone Halloween Trailer Revealed

Call of DutyWe’ve provided a full recap of the latest Halloween event trailer for Call of Duty (COD): Warzone. / ActivisionWe’ve provided a full recap of the latest Halloween event trailer for Call of Duty (COD): Warzone. What’s your favorite place to drop? Warzone players got an ear full of the iconic Scream franchise during the latest Halloween event trailer for the game. With Ghostface, Frank, an influx of skeletal masks of all colors, and aggressive zombies on the loose, this year’s seasonal spector-tacular is shaping up to be one

All maps in Overwatch

There are 21 standard maps in Overwatch covering a broad range of objectives, strategies, and game modes. There are five Assault maps, six Escort Maps, five Hybrid maps, and five Control maps used for both quick and competitive play. In diverse locations based loosely on the real world, like Paris, Havana, and Hollywood, these maps set the scene for Overwatch, offering unique ways to play the game, outplay opponents, and score kills.  A new map type called Push will also be joining the game when Overwatch 2 launches sometime next

How to Find the Hatchet in New World

Top GamesWe've broken down how players can find the hatchet in New World. / Amazon GamesWe've broken down how players can find the hatchet in New World.What crafting or survival MMO would be complete without a trusty hatchet? These unique little axes have been the cornerstone of crafting since the dawn of time--both online and in the real world. How else would you go about harvesting wood from a tree? Below, we've explained how players can go about getting a hatchet.It's time to #PlayNewWorld!Join the ⚔️ fight for ⛰️Aeternum and

Pokemon GO Azelf Raid Guide: How to Beat Azelf

PokémonHere are our best tips and tricks to take down Azelf quickly in Pokemon GO. / Niantic LabsHere are our best tips and tricks to take down Azelf quickly in Pokemon GO.Azelf, Uxie, and Mesprit have taken over five-star raids from Lugia this month and will continue to appear through to Oct. 1, 2021. Each has its own domain in the real world to simulate the different areas of the Sinnoh region where their lakes reside. Trainers will likely remember Azelf from the Sinnoh region as it protects Sinnoh's Lake

Pokemon GO Furfrou Forms: Full List of Known Forms

PokémonImage provided by Niantic.Furfrou has finally arrived in Pokemon GO, and with it comes its many variants. Here’s a list of all the possible trims and how to obtain them.Furfrou first debuted in Pokemon X and Y, and this Poodle Pokemon has a wide variety of appearance options. Like show poodles in the real world, the player could take this Pokemon to get its fur trimmed and painted, allowing it to take a new form in battle. While these changes are purely cosmetic, it’s a neat gimmick that’s found its