FL1T, almazer and liTTle leave forZe

Evgeny "⁠FL1T⁠" Lebedev and Almaz "⁠almazer⁠" Asadullin have today been removed from forZe's active roster, it was announced via Twitter, the former being moved to inactive status and the latter listed for transfer. The announcement stated that coach Anatoliy "⁠liTTle⁠" Yashin would also be leaving the team. The news comes off the back of a mixed year for the Russian squad, who have seen highs such as winning Spring Sweet Spring back in May and their unexpected ESL Pro League showing, but they recently failed to qualify for the Stockholm

The 5 best third-party Joy-Cons of 2021

Nintendo Switch owners know all too well the perils of Joy-Con drift. The gradual wear down of the thumbsticks on Joy-Cons has plagued the console since its 2017 launch. Because of the phenomenon, many Switch players have turned to third-party controllers as replacements for the dual gamepads. Here are the six best third-party Joy-Cons of 2021.  What to expect with third-party Joy-Cons Third-party controllers can be hit or miss when going in blind. Some companies sell cheap knockoffs that could break within the first few uses or not at all.

Where to Find the Dual Fiend Hunters in Fortnite

FortniteImage provided by Epic Games.Season 8 has been a particularly dangerous time for denizens of the Fortnite island, with Cube Monsters and Cube Weapons scattered around various areas. Combat them with the newly-added Dual Fiend Hunters, and here’s where they can be found.These dual-wield crossbows are based off of a weapon featured in a previous Fortnitemares: the Fiend Hunter Crossbow. It acted similar to the normal crossbow, though it lacked a scope and had a larger magazine. The Dual Fiend Hunters are a step up from the original in terms