Paribus 2023 Roadmap

A Bright Future Ahead As the new year begins most people use this time to review their past achievements and recalibrate their aims for the future. At Paribus we’re no different, and this gives us the opportunity to add more details to our roadmap based on our latest developments. The first thing to note about our updated roadmap is that there are no dates. In our journey, we’ve found that giving public dates can often be counter-productive. Although we use dates as internal targets, these are often flexible and adapt

The Question of Liquidity

While many people consider valuation to be the most challenging aspect of NFT lending, the real issue is liquidity. When taking an NFT as collateral for a loan it would be a recipe for disaster to think it can be sold easily at all points in the market cycle. During 2021 NFTs experienced a huge uptake in their popularity. Some said this surge in demand was the cause of increased gas fees on the Ethereum network. However, in between the two peaks of this surge, there was a terrifying liquidity

Toshiba satellite c55t c5300 review

We know that there are lots of laptops available in the market but the question is which laptop is the best laptop for you. If you want a budget-friendly laptop this I recommend you to check this beautiful and unique laptop which is Toshiba satellite c55t c5300 review. I just want to tell you that, it will fulfill your demand and working load. It comes with very unique features which are built-in. It comes with a Fast CPU that is Intel Core i3 5 generation processor. It has a lot

How much money does MontanaBlack88 make on Twitch?

MontanaBlack88 is the most successful German streamer on Twitch. He was the 18th most-watched content creator on the platform in the past 90 days, according to SullyGnome, even beating a heavy hitter like Tyler1. When MontanaBlack88 is gaming, he mostly broadcasts GTA V RP, FIFA, and Call of Duty Warzone or Black Ops 4, but he also does a ton of Just Chatting streams. His audience grew over the last year, too. He surpassed four million followers in August and has streamed for an average of 54,222 concurrent viewers in

Twitch confirms passwords, payment information are safe in latest update on security breach

In an update regarding the extensive Twitch data breach that occurred on Oct. 6, the platform officially reaffirmed users that their payment information and passwords are safe. Passwords and bank information were never accessed or at risk during the breach, according to Twitch. “Twitch passwords have not been exposed,” Twitch said. “We are also confident that systems that store Twitch login credentials, which are hashed with bcrypt, were not accessed.” Still, an unprecedented amount of information was leaked off of the streaming platform during the historic breach. Twitch seems confident

Fans Are Review Bombing Apex Legends to Get Respawn to Fix Issues

Apex LegendsImage courtesy of Respawn EntertainmentThe 'hit 'em where it hurts' tactic is starting to affect the Apex Legends Steam review scores.Apex Legends has grown into one of the best battle royale games to emerge in the last few years. With a strong community, the game's popularity has been echoed by its consistently positive Steam reviews. Lately, though, they've taken a bit of a dip in a bid to bring Respawn's attention to the growing unrest. Like most online multiplayer games out there, Apex Legends has seen its fair share

The next iteration: Nintendo Switch OLED review

It’s hard to believe that the Nintendo Switch has already been around for four years. Since its 2017 launch, the Switch has become a hit for Nintendo, with an abundance of acclaimed first-party games to boot. Following the initial launch, Nintendo released two different revisions of the console in 2019 with the Nintendo Switch Lite and an improved base model with better battery life. Now, Nintendo is dropping the latest revision of the hybrid portable console—the Nintendo Switch OLED. While it might not be the rumored 4K revision of the

Small but mighty: SteelSeries Prime Mini and Mini Wireless mouse review

After dropping the Prime line of gaming mice in June, SteelSeries once again found itself in the hands of high-profile players like FaZe Clan’s Russel “Twistzz” Van Dulken. Now, SteelSeries is doubling down on the success of the full-sized lineup with a couple of miniature updates to the tried-and-true formula.  The Prime Mini and Prime Mini Wireless successfully downsize the highlights of the original line while making the shape more accessible for certain grip users and those with smaller hands. Nuts and bolts SteelSeries’ Prime Mini line consists of two

Kena: Bridge of Spirits Will be Supported “for a While,” Developer Says

Kena: Bridge of Spirits garnered quite a bit of hype in the time since its reveal last year up until its recent launch, and thankfully, it very much lived up to it. Ember Lab’s debut game is a solid action-adventure title with gorgeous visuals and engaging gameplay, and if you liked it as much as so many others have, you’ll probably want more of it. Thankfully, it seems like the developer has every intention of delivering more Kena content. Speaking in an interview with IGN (which you can view below), when asked about