Starbox Group Holdings Ltd. Announces First Half of Fiscal Year 2023 Financial Results

Revenue and Net Profit Increased with Technology Driven Services Revenue Accounted for Approximately 43.8% of its Revenue KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, August 29, 2023 / Plato / Amplifi. Starbox Group Holdings Ltd. (Nasdaq: STBX) ("Starbox" or "the Company”), a service provider of cash rebates, digital advertising, and payment solutions with a goal of becoming a comprehensive AI solutions provider within Southeast Asia, today announced its unaudited financial results for the six months ended March 31, 2023. Mr. Lee Choon Wooi, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Starbox, commented, “We are excited

Activision CEO Bobby Kotick has asked to receive minimum $62,500 salary until diversity goals are achieved

In a letter to Activision Blizzard employees and shared on the company’s investor relations page, CEO Bobby Kotick said he’s asked the board of directors to reduce his pay to the “lowest amount California law will allow,” which is $62,500 for salaried employees. The Oct. 28 letter describes the goals and milestones that Kotick hopes Activision Blizzard can achieve over the next few years. Kotick said his compensation will stay reduced until the board determines that the company has achieved those goals. He said this is to “ensure that every

Activision CEO to Take Pay Cut, Waive Arbitration in Harassment Claims

Top GamesBobby Kotick, left, has asked Activision Blizzard's board of directors to significantly reduce his salary temporarily. / Kevin Dietsch/GettyImagesActivision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick has announced he will take a steep pay cut and waive forced arbitration on sexual harassment, unlawful discrimination, or related retaliation.Kotick has been the company's steward since 2008. A pair of court cases and investigations, led by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing, have accused Activision Blizzard of a culture rife with sexual harassment and gender-based discrimination. Activision

Report: Activision Blizzard ending Overwatch, Call of Duty League’s competitive balance tax, salary cap

Activision Blizzard is eliminating the competitive balance tax and soft salary cap for its Overwatch League and Call of Duty League, as first reported by the Sports Business Journal and confirmed by Dot Esports. The decision comes after the opening of a U.S. Department of Justice antitrust division investigation into the Overwatch League’s practices. Dot Esports broke news of that probe in July, with an Activision Blizzard spokesperson confirming that the DOJ had opened an inquiry and that the game developer was complying.  “We have received an inquiry from the

How much does ImperialHal make?

Pro Apex Legends player Phillip “ImperialHal” Dosen consistently ranks among the most popular streamers in the genre on Twitch. When a leak last week revealed the payouts of Twitch streamers, ImperialHal came in at No. 100 on the list of the highest-paid figures on the site. From August 2019 to October 2021, ImperialHal cleared $886,999.17 in Twitch payouts alone. Screengrab via KnowSomething That figure, while impressive on its own, doesn’t include a wide array of other revenue streams. ImperialHal also receives donations from viewers, his TSM salary, revenue from other

Shakezullah: “Any of us could go to VALORANT and find an offer there, but we play CS because we love it”

After a dismal ESL Pro League Season 14 campaign that ended in an 0-5 finish in Group A, Bad News Bears returned home to North America, the subject of much derision and public criticism. The team, who had swapped in Paytyn "⁠junior⁠" Johnson just ahead of the event as Peter "⁠ptr⁠" Gurney retired, had almost no opportunity to get top tier practice in ahead of their trip to Europe, and were limited on time upon arrival at the GODSENT facilities. Shakezullah and company are in the grand finals of Fragadelphia

India-based Stalwart Esports becomes first organization to completely shift to cryptocurrency

Indian esports organization Stalwart Esports has completely shifted from cash to cryptocurrency in their balance sheet, it announced in a press release today. Stalwart said that this has made it the first esports organization to officially adopt cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. All salary payments to employees and players will also be made in cryptocurrency, Zeyan Shafiq, the founder of Stalwart confirmed to Dot Esports. This move comes at a time when the Indian government is reportedly considering a ban on cryptocurrency. Despite this, Shafiq expressed confidence in the org’s decision

slap: “This academy league is a really big step for the future of esports”

Young Ninjas, who finished second in the WePlay Academy League group stage, are set to kick off their finals run when they face fnatic Rising on Friday at 18:00 . We sat down with Fredrik "⁠slap⁠" Junbrant during the media day before the beginning of the WePlay Academy League to hear the Young Ninjas coach's thoughts on the advent of academy teams and leagues, as well as his vision for the best possible way to make them successful in bringing up youngsters and equipping them with the necessary tools to