Mx Hub Dubai Announces Launch of its Metaverse Incubator

Dubai UAE December 16, 2022 Since launching 2 months ago, MX Hub has achieved international recognition as a contributor to Dubai Metaverse strategy of global leadership. Located under the roof of the Dubai Ministry of Economy & Tourism, MX Hub has prepared the first Emtech Rating MX100, aimed at getting top rated companies to participate in the MX Sharing Ecosystem. Mx Hub members get a revolutionary framework is designed to help startups accelerate the presence via the Emtech Rating System.  The MX Hub Ecosystem provides a virtual office, registration /

New World’s latest patch has brought 2 game-breaking bugs to healing and the auction house

New World rolled out Patch 1.0.4 earlier today, which was supposed to provide a ton of fixes to the game and bring the return of two key features. While it achieved some of this, a handful of new bugs have arisen—and some are game-breaking. New World players have recorded multiple bugs popping up since the patch went live, affecting the game’s healing system and the auction house. The most severe of these bugs is a healing issue that’s allowing players to heal substantially faster by spamming crouch inside Sacred Ground

New World revokes fraudulent keys to combat gold farming and botting

After receiving countless reports of botting and gold farming in New World, Amazon Game Studios has revoked thousands of game keys to players they believe had been engaging in the practice. In a forum post, community manager TrevzorFTW shared the news that steps had been taken to “revoke thousands of keys that were fraudulently obtained to disrupt gameplay.” The post also explained that some legitimate keys may be affected by this mass ban and urged any of these players to contact support immediately. New World has been available through many

Your Shop returns to League of Legends

Your Shop is live in League of Legends once again. The unique promotion offers sales on six random champion skins based entirely on players’ champion pools. So if Riot’s skin sales haven’t been lining up with your champion preferences as of late, it might be time to pull the trigger on some long-coveted skins. To find Your Shop in the League client, look in the top-right corner of the interface, where the Collection and Loot tabs are located. You’ll find Your Shop next to the usual Store icon. Once you

How much does Summit1g make on Twitch? Twitch Leaks

Summit1g is one of Twitch’s old guard when it comes to the platform’s most popular streamers. As the most-watched content creator on the platform in 2017, the man notorious for angrily punching his monitor on stream is also known for his ability to give a variety of titles a huge boost in viewership, like Grand Theft Auto and Sea of Thieves. So it makes sense that when Twitch streamer payouts were leaked this week, Summit1g was among the purportedly most paid. Screengrab via KnowSomething Over the past 26 months, the leak

How much money does NICKMERCS make on Twitch?

A massive Twitch data leak earlier today revealed 125 GB of confidential information to the world. Twitch has confirmed that the breach is real and is “working with urgency to understand the extent” of the leak. The files include Twitch’s source code, along with information on an unreleased Steam-like competitor called Vapor, comment history, creator payment history, and more. Some Twitch viewers were shocked by the leaked data, which revealed the purported top-earning streamers and their Twitch payouts. Streamer NICKMERCS is on the list, coming in fifth place as one

Valve has canceled in-person audience for The International 10

Valve has canceled in-person audience attendance for The International 10 and will now only allow teams, talent, and essential staff to be present during the event, the company revealed today. Valve confirmed that this decision was made in order to ensure the “safety of all players, talent, and production staff participating in the event” and will begin the process of refunding all ticket sales.  “We wanted nothing more than to welcome fans live to the event, but we can no longer do so in a way that allows us to

The International Compendium 2021 is live, features reworked item sets, updated Talent Autographs, and more

The International 10 is less than a week away and many of the world’s best Dota 2 teams are preparing to compete from Oct. 7 to 17 for a chance to lift the Aegis of Champions.  To celebrate the biggest Dota event of the year and share the spotlight with fans around the world, Valve is launching the next iteration of The International Compendium, which includes rewards and a way to directly support casters and talent. Just like with previous years, the TI Compendium acts as an interactive event in

PS5 becomes Sony’s fastest-selling console in UK

The PlayStation 5 surpassed one million units sold in the U.K. 39 weeks after its launch, GamesIndustry reported today. This makes the PS5 the fastest-selling PlayStation console in U.K. history. Sony’s previous console, the PS4, reached one million systems sold in 42 weeks, which means the PS5 hit that number three weeks ahead of its predecessor. The PS4 was still ahead in sales until July, according to official stat provider GfK—probably because of the PS5’s limited availability. Over 151,500 consoles were sold in the U.K. during the month of August,

Most Valuable Pokémon Oreos

Pokémon collecting has always garnered plenty of interest and some hefty prices to match and this trend has continued with the recent collaboration between The Pokémon Company and cookie producer Oreo. The collaboration has brought 16 unique cookies with Pokémon showcased on the top and while these could get old and go bad, they’ve seemingly been pulling in large sums of money from collectors. Right now you can still purchase these in select stores and try your luck at finding rare and valuable Oreos. If you plan on selling them