SaaS Inclusology Releases New 2.0 Platform and Proves to Help Companies Achieve DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) Goals in Accelerated Timeline.

June 2023 - Inclusology, is a powerful all in one DEI management SaaS platform designed to help companies reduce bias in the workplace and increase employee retention. Last week, the platform released its new version after completing beta testing among 16 companies and thousands of employees across startups, nonprofits, Fortune 500 and 1000 companies etc. “We are so proud to see Inclusology’s work having a positive impact on DEI at a global level in every sized company,” says CEO Dr. Cheryl Ingram. “We’ve tested our software in a number of

Paribus Mainnet Countdown.

We know the past few months have been drawn out for everyone eagerly awaiting the release date of our mainnet. Throughout each step, we’ve been direct and transparent with our community, and sometimes maybe a little too hopeful. But now the wait is over. Our developers have been working especially hard to meet the exacting requirements of the Hacken audit and we’re over the moon to have achieved a score of 8.7/10 which we feel represents the hard work of everyone involved. Now that we’ve passed with a high score

Riot details plans for European Regional Leagues in 2022

To continue to strengthen pathways for professional League of Legends players, major changes are coming to the European Regional Leagues in 2022. This includes solidifying their structure and ensuring their stability moving forward by extending license deals from Spain’s Superliga to France’s La Ligue Française. Maximillian Peter Schmidt, head of esports for League in Europe, detailed Riot’s plans for the ERLs in a Dev Post today. Accredited and non-accredited leagues Accredited leagues Every ERL will be divided into “accredited” and “non-accredited” leagues in 2022. The accredited leagues include Superliga, La

Team Liquid’s Impossible Battle With Astralis

CSGOPhoto courtesy of mynewsdeskTeam Liquid against Astralis is one of the most one-sided rivalries between top teams in the history of competitive Counter-Strike, spanning CS 1.6 and CS:GO. Spanning almost six years, the two teams have faced off all across the phases of tournaments and around the world, with many roster moves along the way on both sides, but the theme has been consistent and that has been Astralis winning and in total Astralis dominating.Liquid does not stand alone as the Washington Generals to Astralis' Harlem Globetrotters, though. The likes

How to reduce lag in New World

New World is finally out. Though the developers planned for an earlier release, it was delayed by a month to ensure a smoother release period. With beta players returning alongside many other new fans looking to try out New World for the first time, the player numbers may increase exponentially. If more players than expected turn up, the servers may find themselves under pressure, causing them to struggle to keep up with the demand. Players may experience some lag, ping issues, or delays in this case. The servers can even go down in

Blizzard Community Manager Answers When Fans Can Expect the New Cowboy Name

OverwatchAndyB, a Blizzard community manager, has returned to the official Overwatch subreddit to answer how much longer fans will have to wait... / Blizzard EntertainmentAndyB, a Blizzard community manager, has returned to the official Overwatch subreddit to answer how much longer fans will have to wait for the "Cowboy name change" project.On a post published on Monday, Sept. 13, user FuriouSherman asked if anyone knew when Blizzard would be letting its fans in on Cowboy's new name. Moments later, AndyB swooped in, replying to the post with some insider information

cynic: “Everybody on the roster has made it really clear they’re in it for the long run”

Party Astronauts ended their Fragadelphia 15 campaign this past weekend as the runner-ups to Bad News Bears, falling just short of completing a comeback from an 0-2 deficit in the best-of-five grand final. However, the result still earned them a spot in Fragadelphia Fall, North America's regional qualifier for the BLAST Premier Fall Showdown, where they are currently rematching Bad News Bears in the Group B decider match in hopes of making the playoffs. Party Astronauts are one of the few contending North American rosters left playing in the region,

Respawn Apparently Leaked a New Apex Legends Weapon on Accident

Apex LegendsPhoto courtesy of Respawn Entertainment Respawn Entertainment announced quite a bit on Thursday for Apex Legends. Starting on Sept. 14, a new Rampart-themed event will start called Evolution. As usual, the Legend in question has a new location on the map themed around her. Ramya "Rampart" Parekh is opening a shop in a corner of World's Edge. It's a modified station she's named "Big Maude." Along with her own unique home base just outside Lava City, the Apex Games' favorite engineer is bringing a collection of legendary skins for

Here’s the MTG Innistrad: Midnight Hunt spoiler schedule

The Standard 2021 rotation in Magic: The Gathering is just around the corner with preview season for Innistrad: Midnight Hunt starting the first week of September.  Scheduled to release digitally on Sept. 16 and globally on Sept. 24, Innistrad: Midnight Hunt (MID) spoilers will start on Sept. 2. Dozens of cards within the new set were first previewed in early August, revealing an evolved planeswalker and Eternal Night basic lands. The spoiler season for MID will officially kick off on Sept. 2, according to WotC, followed by seven days of

When does Overwatch competitive season 30 begin?

Pumpkin spice lattes normally indicate the arrival of fall. But this year, a new Overwatch competitive season is showing up along with them.  Each competitive season lasts exactly two months, giving players ample time to climb the ladder and rack up competitive points. Those points can be used for golden weapons, which don’t serve a strategic purpose but make your favorite heroes look extremely cool.  Competitive season 29 began on July 2, 2021, and set off a summer full of the usual ladder shenanigans. No major updates came along with