How to Get a Juggernaut Suit in Warzone’s Bunkers

Call of DutyWe've put together a simple guide to getting the Juggarnaut suit in Warzone. / Activision, Raven SoftwareWe've put together a simple guide to getting the Juggarnaut suit in Warzone.There are few things more frustrating than clocking hits on an opponent only to see your ammunition bounce off their armor rather than their flat HP. The Juggernaut suit multiplies this significantly while also turning the player wearing it into one of the most terrifying encounters on the battlefield. So, it makes sense that Call of Duty (COD): Warzone players

How to watch Shortnitemares in Fortnite

With Halloween just around the corner, it’s no surprise that many video games are organizing events related to the holiday. And, as expected, that’s the case in Fortnite. Epic Games has prepared the Shortnitemares Film Festival for its players, which will be running from Oct. 28 at 5pm CT to Nov. 1 at 5pm CT. Shortnitemares is a film festival during which players will be able to watch seven animated short horror films. It’s also a final aspect of Fortnitemares, the Halloween-inspired event in Fortnite that happens every year. If

FIFA 22 Rulebreakers Promotion Revealed; Releases Oct. 29

By Max Mallow | Oct 27, 2021Photo by EA SportsFIFA 22 Rulebreakers promotion was revealed and confirmed for an Oct. 29 start date.Rulebreakers replaced the Ultimate Scream promotion in FIFA 21 as EA Sports moved away from events associated with holidays. Likewise, FUTMAS was replaced with FUT Freeze. Rulebreakers still follows the same formula, more or less, as Ultimate Scream with cards receiving unlikely statistic boosts to change how they operate in game. Here's a look at the card design revealed in the loading screen.Coming Friday I assume!— NepentheZ

3 Things We Want in Apex Legends Season 11

Apex LegendsNew wildlife in Apex Legends Season 11 / Credit to EA/RespawnIn anticipation for the upcoming season, here are three things we want in Apex Legends Season 11. The Apex Legends Season 11 release date is roughly a week away and players are beginning to become excited for all of the new content coming to the game. There is a new map set on a tropical Island that will have vicious wildlife to keep players on their toes, a new legend named Ash known as the incisive instigator and a

How to customize weapons in Battlefield 2042?

Maps in Battlefield 2042 are huge, and most corners of them will be packed with action. Some players will prefer keeping their distance and use sniper rifles to take down enemies from far away, while others may want to go into the heart of the battle and be the first through the door with an assault rifle or shotgun. Regardless of your playstyle, you’ll always want to have the best weapon available to make sure to have an advantage over your enemies. Customizing your weapons with attachments is one of the best ways

Best tech gifts for gamers

Whether it’s to create a more enjoyable environment, look after their health, or give a nostalgic kick to the end of their year, these tech gifts for gamers may have what you need. Everyone has different tastes, but this list is specifically compiled to offer something unique so that every type of gamer, casual or hardcore alike, will be able to appreciate a gift picked from this list. GUNNAR – Gaming and Computer Glasses Image via Gunnar SpecificationsFor the hardcore gamer who spends a lot of time in front of

Metroid Dread 1.01 Patch Notes Explained

Top GamesCourtesy of Mercury SteamAfter releasing earlier this month, Metroid Dread has received a major update in its' 1.01 patch. Within the launch patch, there was a huge bug that shipped along with the game which could have players encounter a crash point that would not allow players to progress past. This bug was thankfully fixed in this new patch. Here are the 1.01 patch notes for Metroid DreadSee what critics are saying about Samus Aran’s latest mission in #MetroidDread, available now!*Headphones on for best experience* ?— Nintendo of

Is Back 4 Blood Split Screen?

Top GamesIs Back 4 Blood split screen? / Photo courtesy of Turtle Rock Studios/WB InteractiveIs Back 4 Blood split screen? The split screen option is a classic way for friends hanging out on the couch to play the same game together, making the multiplayer experience even more immediate than online multiplayer. It was a hallmark of Left 4 Dead, the spiritual predecessor to Back 4 Blood, so it seems like a natural fit for Turtle Rock Studios' latest co-op outing. But does the feature actually appear in-game?Definitely need split screen!

Diablo II Resurrected Update 1.07 Patch Notes

Top GamesDiablo II: Resurrected / Credit to Blizzard EntertainmentBlizzard released the Diablo II Resurrected update 1.07 and the accompanying patch notes on Oct. 20. The patch is mostly concerned with stability fixes and a glitch where players would be stuck at a black loading screen when trying to switch between online and offline modes. This seems to be an issue with the Login Queue that was added in the 1.06 update. The Login Queue was designed to improve server performance during high traffic times. There are also smaller general fixes