Latest Survey from Sotera Digital Reveals Shocking State of Mobile Phone Security in the Workplace.

February 5, 2024, New York - Sotera Digital Security, a leading US based provider of secure communications solutions, has today released its findings from a survey it conducted among over 1,000 senior personnel of large businesses and multinational corporations across the globe. Sectors covered by the survey participants focused on those that require the need for ultra-secure and private communications - both regionally and worldwide - with clients, colleagues and suppliers; namely legal, pharmaceutical, media and corporate affairs, government, and blockchain / AI tech specialists. The survey results provide key

Moonbeam, Diode Collaborate on Launch of DePIN Platform to Replace Traditional VPN, Web2 Products

Diode chooses Moonbeam to deploy suite of blockchain solutions that align with Polkadot founder Gavin Woods’ original vision for Web3 [SINGAPORE] – Moonbeam Network, a smart contract platform for building cross-chain connected applications, today announced the launch of Diode’s secure and decentralized communications platform. Diode’s solution is part of a movement known as DePIN, or “decentralized physical infrastructure network,” where blockchain protocols operate real-world infrastructure in a decentralized manner. Providing a censorship-resistant alternative to traditional products like VPN, Slack or Microsoft OneDrive, Diode’s massively scalable platform helps to bring about

HealthCare AI: The Unavoidable Revolution in Modern Medicine

By Eric Greenberg In the evolving landscape of medical technology, there's one force that stands head and shoulders above the rest, promising a seismic shift in the very ethos of healthcare delivery: Artificial Intelligence (AI). As a seasoned technology and banking analyst, it is my considered opinion that Healthcare AI isn't just a trend or a buzzword. It’s the very future of medicine, poised to reshape everything we know about patient care, disease diagnosis, and medical research. To begin with, the economic implications of integrating AI in healthcare are

The Convergence of MedTech and Blockchain: Transforming Healthcare

The healthcare industry has witnessed a remarkable transformation driven by technological advancements in recent years. One groundbreaking convergence is the fusion of Medical Technology (MedTech) and blockchain technology. This synergy has the potential to revolutionize healthcare by enhancing data security, interoperability, and patient-centric care. Enhanced Data Security: One of the foremost challenges in healthcare is ensuring the security and privacy of patient data. Medical records contain sensitive information that must be protected from unauthorized access and cyber threats. Blockchain technology offers a robust solution to this problem. Blockchain operates on

Paribus Vision

For those who missed our announcements on social media, we are thrilled to share the exciting news that our Mainnet v1 will be relaunched on May 31st! The past few weeks have been demanding and challenging, but we couldn’t be happier with our progress. At Paribus, we have always emphasized the importance of security. While we were shocked and saddened by the exploitation of a loophole in our code, we firmly believe in finding the silver lining in every cloud. The steps we’ve taken following this unfortunate incident have made

The best controller settings in Back 4 Blood

Left 4 Dead’s creators are back for blood with the survival game Back 4 Blood, which was released earlier this month. Many gamers who grew up playing L4D and survival game enthusiasts flooded to Back 4 Blood’s servers on multiple platforms and kickstarted their journey either by themselves or with their squadmates. PC players may not have that much to worry about when it comes to their hotkeys since most first-person shooters share identical controls. But console gamers may have different tastes when it comes to their controls. Most titles

How to change sensitivity in Battlefield 2042

In the big open battles of Battlefield 2042, there are a lot of variables to keep your eyes on, like snipers in bushes, planes and helicopters flying overhead, and hundreds of hiding spots that enemies could be lurking in. To survive, your aim has to be crisp, and that means getting your proper sensitivity setting aligned, whether you’re using a mouse and keyboard or a controller. Here’s how you can alter your sensitivity settings in Battlefield 2042. How to change sensitivity in Battlefield 2042 After loading up the game, navigate

Twitch issues update to security breach investigation, claims “no indication” login credentials were exposed

After confirming the authenticity of a data breach by a “malicious third party” early last morning, Twitch released an updated statement today to reassure its users. In yesterday’s leak, sensitive documents were uploaded as part of a 125 GB torrent originating on 4Chan. It included files built for the Twitch application, streamer earnings, unreleased Twitch-related products, and more. The data was exposed due to an “error in a Twitch server configuration change,” according to Twitch. Our investigation is ongoing, and we are in the process of analyzing all of the

A history of gaming mice

When first learning to drive a car, the wheel may not feel familiar, the pedals seem far away, and the stick shift is strange. Over time, these tools become an extension of the driver’s hands and feet. Controlling them becomes second nature. Computer mice are the same for gamers. A mouse is a tool meant to be an extension of the user for more control over the device itself. Its user needs to consciously remember which buttons do which functions, but using the mouse becomes second nature over time.  This