Apex Legends: Escape Season 11 Legend Changes

Apex LegendsImage provided by Respawn Entertainment.Apex Legends: Escape is almost here, and a new patch for the game has been implemented in preparation for its release. Here are the changes made to the Legends themselves in this update!Apex Legends: Escape is the upcoming eleventh season for the popular online shooter. Like every season, this new update will introduce a plethora of new content for fans to enjoy, like a new map, a new Legend, and some new weapons. In addition to new content, aspects of the game have been reworked

Apex Legends: Escape Patch Notes Revealed

Apex LegendsPhoto by EAWith Apex Legends: Escape being days away, EA has revealed patch notes just before we are able to get our hands on the new season.Along with the exciting reveal of the new character, Ash, we also see some changes to current characters already in the game.Apex Legends: Escape is just days away, and with it brings:? : A simulacrum with secrets? : Terrifying new tropical terrain⚡ : Some Legend changes we’re ec-staic to share, and more!Peep the patch notes below and play Escape starting Nov 2.?:

Apex Legends Devs are Not Going to Nerf the Kraber in Season 11

Apex LegendsDespite the desires of the playerbase, Apex Legends developers are not interested in nerfing the Kraber this season. / Respawn EntertainmentDespite the desires of the playerbase, Apex Legends developers are not interested in nerfing the Kraber this season.The Kraber has long since been known as one of the most—if not the utmost—powerful weapon in Apex Legends. It's best known for its ability to one-shot pretty much any player, making it highly sought after and particularly controversial within the game's community. Fans have spent quite a bit of energy attempting

Pokémon GO Dev Diaries Episode 1 Recap: Community Days

PokémonImage provided by Niantic.On Oct. 21, Niantic published a video on the official Pokemon GO YouTube channel, marking the beginning of a new web series: Developer Diaries. Here’s what the first episode covered.In the video, Niantic Director of Global Product Marketing Micheal Steranka took fans behind-the-scenes for one of Pokemon GO’s most exciting events: Community Day. One day is chosen every month, and for six hours straight, a single Pokemon will take over the wild as their encounter rates dramatically skyrocket. Players have a chance here to stock up on

Team ItsEyeQew Wins Twitch Rivals Warzone Iron Trials Showdown

Call of DutyImage courtesy of TwitchTeam ItsEyeQew have emerged as the victors of the latest Warzone Twitch Rivals tournament.Twitch Rivals kicked off another Warzone tournament yesterday, this time it was the Iron Trials Showdown. The event saw roughly 50 teams of three drop into custom games of Iron Trials '84, putting their Warzone skills to the test in this brutal and hardcore mode. Each team was competing for their share of the $75,000 prize pool. The team in first place walked away with $15,000 ($5,000 for each player). Any team

BlizzConline Delayed Indefinitely, Blizzard to ‘Reimagine’ BlizzCon

Photo courtesy of BlizzardBlizzConline has been delayed indefinitely after being announced back in May. While last year's iteration was the first online version of BlizzCon, many believed this year would follow suit. But it seems a lawsuit and internal investigations are more than enough to delay the convention. Blizzard may never again host a usual BlizzCon as the company is looking to "reimagine" the convention. An update on BlizzConline:— Blizzard Entertainment (@Blizzard_Ent) October 26, 2021"We’ve decided to take a step back and pause on planning the previously announced BlizzConline event

Supercell reveals upcoming 2021 Brawl-O-Ween event on Brawl Stars

Spooky season is just around the corner, and Supercell has prepared some festivities on Brawl Stars to celebrate Halloween. Four new skins and event-exclusive game modes will be introduced with the small-scale event in the game, the developer revealed earlier today on Brawl Talk. [embedded content] Every game mode will be adjusted to suit the spooky season with Brawlers that can become invisible. It will happen for every player in a game, every ten seconds, and for seven seconds. The invisibility can save or doom the players by helping them

Pokémon GO November Mega and 5-Star Raids

PokémonHere are the Pokémon that will be appearing in Mega and 5-Star raids throughout November in Pokémon GO. / Photo courtesy of NianticNovember 2021 is set to be packed with events for Pokémon GO trainers to participate in weekly and potentially catch some Shiny Legendary Pokémon. Whether you're looking to catch a Mythical Pokémon or planning to complete your Pokédex, here's everything you need to know about the Mega and 5-Star raids for November 2021 in Pokémon GO.Trainers, we’re excited to announce that the first episode of our Dev Diaries