A history of gaming mice

When first learning to drive a car, the wheel may not feel familiar, the pedals seem far away, and the stick shift is strange. Over time, these tools become an extension of the driver’s hands and feet. Controlling them becomes second nature. Computer mice are the same for gamers. A mouse is a tool meant to be an extension of the user for more control over the device itself. Its user needs to consciously remember which buttons do which functions, but using the mouse becomes second nature over time.  This

How do you clean a mechanical keyboard? | Keyboard cleaning guide

Mechanical keyboards are the standard for any serious gamer. To preserve the quality and functionality of a mechanical keyboard, frequent light cleaning is encouraged, and deep cleaning is recommended a few times a year. Regular cleaning reduces grime, oil, and dust buildup and extends a keyboard’s longevity life. Before cleaning, check your keyboard manufacturer’s website for more specific cleaning instructions.  Here are the best practices for cleaning a mechanical keyboard.  Light cleaning Image by JAOK via Amazon To practice regular light cleaning, you will need a handheld vacuum cleaner or a