How to complete Oct. 28’s Marquee Matchups in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team

EA Sports added a set of Marquee Matchups to FIFA 22 Ultimate Team today that you can complete by accessing the squad-building challenge (SBC) menu. The Marquee Matchups are weekly challenges themed around real soccer’s key matchups. EA selects some matches and creates SBCs that reward players with tradeable FUT packs. This SBC is themed around this week’s key matchups. You’ll have until next Thursday, Nov. 4 to complete four squads: Sparta Rotterdam vs. Feyenoord, Valencia vs. Villarreal CF, Bergamo Calcio vs. Latium, and Spurs vs. Manchester United. Each squad requires a

Age of Empires 4 Playable Civilizations: Full List at Launch

Top GamesWe've compiled a full list and brief explanations into each of the eight civilizations that will be available in Age of Empires 4 when it launches. / Relic EntertainmentWe've compiled a full list and brief explanations into each of the eight civilizations that will be available in Age of Empires 4 when it launches.Age of Empires is one of the oldest civilization warfare franchises on the market. The franchise has been on a bit of a re-release kick recently with its most recent launches reimagining its classic titles Age

How to Get Fashion Tickets in Pokemon UNITE

PokémonPokemon UNITE players are interested in getting Fashion Ticket items in-game. / Tencent, Game FreakPokemon UNITE players are interested in getting Fashion Ticket items in-game.Fashion Tickets are a unique type of currency in Pokemon UNITE that can be spent exclusively on trainer avatar clothing. Not to be confused with Holowear Tickets or Aeos Tickets, Fashion Tickets bear a distinct triangle shape with bright orange base coloring and yellow accents. Players can spend these tickets in the Aeos Emporium on specific items listed under the Fashion Ticket Exchange option on the

Spacestation Gaming’s Frexs talks ALGS, input wars, and building a winning team

As the Apex Legends Global Series kicked off last weekend, fans eagerly awaited what seemed like a lobby of death. North America’s Pro League day two lobby, composed of Groups A and D, featured some of the game’s most popular and feared teams: TSM, G2, Cloud 9, and Team Liquid. These were some of North America’s most experienced squads, set up to clash at the start of the new season. They weren’t alone, though. Teams like reigning ALGS champs 100 Thieves, XSET, and SHEEEEEEEESH promised to make the lobby competitive

How to get Heirloom Shards in Apex Legends on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation?

There are many unique cosmetics in Apex Legends, and Respawn Entertainment continues to add more of them with every patch. Despite the price tags of the existing skins or their rarities, all of them are outclassed when compared to Heirlooms. Heirlooms sets are cosmetics that come with a melee weapon skin and a matching banner pose. They usually have a special significance to the backstory of each legend and also bring exclusive animations that help make them feel even more unique. Almost all players try to unlock the Heirloom for their favorite legend,

The most valuable items worth crafting and selling in New World

There’s plenty of reasons to focus on making money when you’re playing New World. Whether you’re maintaining or upgrading your gear, buying some final materials for a big item you’re crafting, or even purchasing a house and paying taxes on it, having gold comes in handy in Aeternum. You’ll make a decent amount of money completing town board quests, faction quests, side quests, and main story quests, but the real cash is selling highly sought-after goods at the trading posts. You can make some money here selling raw materials in

How Many Supply Lines are in Back 4 Blood?

Top Gamesimage courtesy of Turtle Rock StudiosAnyone getting stuck into Back 4 Blood right now might be wondering just how many Supply Lines are in the game. Here's what you need to know.Supply Lines in Back 4 Blood are a system used to reward players with new cards and customization options. Through playing the game, players will earn Supply Points which can be spent to unlock lines of items at Fort Hope. You'll start Back 4 Blood with a default deck, containing some very basic cards. As you play, you'll

How to Unlock Weapon Skins in Back 4 Blood

Top GamesWe’ve put together a guide to how players can unlock weapon skins in Back 4 Blood. / Turtle Rock StudiosWe’ve put together a guide to how players can unlock weapon skins in Back 4 Blood.Cosmetics have been one of the building blocks of bragging rights since the dawn of video games as an entertainment genre. Being able to sport the rarest, flashiest, or oldest skin tends to be a point of pride for many players due to the extraordinary circumstances needed to complete it. As such, there are several

Respawn Dev Replies to Question About Apex Legends Monetization

Apex LegendsPhoto courtesy of Respawn Entertainment Apex Legends has an in-game store, and loot boxes much like other battle royales or free-to-play games. And that's the catch, the game is initially free. For those types of games, the developers have to create some type of monetization if they aren't going to sell the actual game. In a response to a question about pricing and distribution of in-game items, Ryan Rigney gave a rather straightforward answer. Comms Strategy Thread ?How do you talk to customers when you've got problems? When the

Report: Activision Blizzard ending Overwatch, Call of Duty League’s competitive balance tax, salary cap

Activision Blizzard is eliminating the competitive balance tax and soft salary cap for its Overwatch League and Call of Duty League, as first reported by the Sports Business Journal and confirmed by Dot Esports. The decision comes after the opening of a U.S. Department of Justice antitrust division investigation into the Overwatch League’s practices. Dot Esports broke news of that probe in July, with an Activision Blizzard spokesperson confirming that the DOJ had opened an inquiry and that the game developer was complying.  “We have received an inquiry from the