Samsung Developing Cloud Gaming Service

Top GamesYongjae Kim at Samsung Developer Conference 2021. / Photo courtesy of SamsungSamsung has announced it's developing a new cloud gaming platform for its Smart TVs.The hardware manufacturing conglomerate revealed the upcoming tech during its Samsung Developer Conference 21 keynote presentation. It will be available on Samsung Smart TVs powered by Tizen, a Linux-based operating system that already supports over 200 million Samsung devices.[embedded content]Not much is known about the new platform, as Samsung only mentioned it in passing during the presentation."To diversify your game selection on Samsung Smart TVs,

Does Far Cry 6 Support Cross Play?

Top GamesFar Cry fans want to know if Far Cry 6 has cross play. We have the answer. / UbisoftFar Cry fans want to know if Far Cry 6 has cross play. We have the answer.Far Cry 6 launched with a multiplayer co-op mode that allows players to team up and fight back against the tyranny of Castillo’s dictatorship in Yara. Players can join up to complete a campaign and take on various special missions in their quest to liberate the island nation. Obviously, this is much easier to do

Ubisoft Leak Reveals Potential Rainbow 6 Extraction Release Date

Top GamesA potential mistake regarding one of Ubisoft’s older blog posts may have revealed the release date of Rainbow Six Extraction. / UbisoftA potential mistake regarding one of Ubisoft’s older blog posts may have revealed the release date of Rainbow Six Extraction.Some eagle-eyed Rainbow Six fans have spotted a potentially mistaken update to one of Ubisoft’s older blog posts on its website. The post originally was meant to detail what players could expect when hopping into the game for the first time. Now, it has added an extra bit of

FIFA 22 Title Update #1: Full Notes

FIFAImage courtesy of EA SportsFIFA 22 Title Update #1 is now live on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC, and Stadia.The first Title Update for FIFA 22 is now live. A whole bunch of changes have come to the game, including various fixes, updates, and improvements for players to get accustomed to. Some changes include improvements to certain animations, aiming to provide more authentic reactions. These particular changes have come into play mainly for goalkeepers, so if you were struggling to get some shots in before

Far Cry 6 Cache Money Treasure Hunt Guide

Top GamesFar Cry 6 has lots of optional side missions that yield neat rewards when completed, though one proves to be a bit vague on what the player must do. This is how to complete the Cache Money mission in Far Cry 6.Cache Money is one of the few treasure hunt missions that players can take on in Far Cry 6, rewarding the player with special weapons and other valuable items not found elsewhere in the game. With Cache Money, players are stumped as to how they can progress beyond

Far Cry 6: Paint the Town Map Guide

Top GamesFar Cry 6 has many missions for the player to take on during the campaign, though one mission is considered one of the trickiest. Here’s a guide to finding the statues. Located at the West Lado district in the region of Esperanza, players can accept a side quest from Zenia which will require them to deface statues of Gabriel Castillo around the area. To access this mission, players must have completed the “Paradise Lost” and “Heavy Metal” missions beforehand. The statues may be tricky to find at first, though with some

Is Disco Elysium on Xbox Game Pass?

Top GamesImage courtesy of ZA/UMMany players are asking if ZA/UM's non-traditional RPG, Disco Elysium, is coming to Xbox Game Pass. Here's what you need to know. Disco Elysium is an unique RPG. Players take control of a character who wakes up in a hotel room, hungover, and with no memory of his own identity. Set in a futuristic open world, the game features no combat. Instead, players use skill checks and dialogue trees to progress through the game and piece together the missing parts of the character's memory. Originally released

FIFA Game Could be Renamed EA Sports FC, According to Documents

FIFAImage courtesy of EA SportsEA have been exploring the possibility of renaming FIFA, with filed applications leaning towards "EA Sports FC."Recently, EA Sports revealed that they could be choosing to rename the FIFA franchise at some point in the future. With the publisher in the process of renewing their naming rights agreement with FIFA, it has since emerged that the company has begun filing trademark applications for a new name. The applications have been filed with the UK’s Intellectual Property Office and the European Union Intellectual Property Office on Oct.

Far Cry 6 Warm Up PSO Cache Error: How to Fix

Top GamesHere's a breakdown of how to fix the Warm Up PSO Cache error in Far Cry 6. / Photo courtesy of UbisoftOn the PC version of Far Cry 6, players are reporting an error listed as "Warm up PSO cache" making load times strangely long upon booting up the newly released game.For those running into the issue, even after confirming that their gaming rig meets the title's system requirements, here's a breakdown of how to fix the Warm Up PSO Cache error in Far Cry 6.Being that Far Cry

How to Open the Du or Die Locked Door in Far Cry 6

Top GamesImage courtesy of UbisoftIf you're stuck wondering how to open the Du or Die locked door in Far Cry 6, don't worry - here's what you need to know.Far Cry 6 has finally launched and many players are getting stuck into what the island of Yara has to offer. This world offers many hidden secrets and areas just waiting to be discovered, some proving to be more of a challenge to access than others. If you've stumbled across a certain locked door underneath Fort Quito, you're probably left wondering