TruthGPT A Revolutionary Language Model Set to Change the Game

In recent years, natural language processing (NLP) has become a buzzword in the world of technology. With the increasing demand for AI-powered chatbots, virtual assistants, and content creation tools, companies are investing heavily in developing more advanced NLP systems. However, with the help of TruthGPT, the future may offer some light on the capabilities of biased AI models, despite their ability to sow social discontent, promote cultural differences, and create barriers around a more friendly and inviting globalized civic society. The Fate So Far: The Rise of Artificial Intelligence Chatbots

Madden 22 Best RBs: The 5 Best Running Backs in the Game

Best Buy IntelBy Max Mallow | 10:28 AM EDTPhoto by EA SportsPresented by Best BuyMadden 22's best RBs stand tall as the most dynamic in the position.Running backs are important to a team's offensive plan. Establishing the run means players can then open up the passing and play action game. Additionally, if the defense fails to stop the run in any capacity, the offense can continue to just bulldoze its way to the red zone and eventually the end zone. That being said, there are five RBs that are heads

‘It’s Trash’: Glow Up Games CXO Latoya Peterson on the State of Diversity in Games

Latoya Peterson is tired of the games industry ignoring Black women, and now she's ready to do something about it. | Photo courtesy of Glow Up GamesThe video game industry is as prone to systemic oppression as any other. Developers of color, and perhaps particularly Black developers, face an uphill battle for employment, let alone creative expression. With this series of features, DBLTAP hopes to highlight the creations of Black developers working to tell their own stories through games in this monthly series. Check out our previous entries here.Issa Dee