PUBG Miramar Remake Release Date: When is it?

PUBGBefore and After | Photo courtesy by PUBG CorpPUBG Corp announced a remake of the Miramar map. Miramar has been part of PUBG since Patch 1.0 2017, and with the upcoming update 12.1, the map will be introduced at a larger remastered size. Many of the new features will include performance, graphical fidelity, topography, and lighting; Bringing an all-new experience on the battlefield.Lighthouse | Photo courtesy by PUBG CorpMiramar's remake release date for PC is on June 2 and June 10 for consoles, Season 12 is part of the developer's

PUBG to add respawns, new maps, unreloadable gun

Tons of changes are coming to the world of PUBG, according to the latest PUBG Dev Plan blog on the Steam Workshop. The map Miramar is getting a significant facelift in terms of lighting and terrain. The lighting always seemed a bit too dingy and dark for the middle of the day in a desert and the revamp will go a long way toward illuminating some of those dark corners that realistically shouldn’t exist. In addition, the map should be getting a quad bike unique to it, as well as

PUBG is Introducing Two New Maps and Remastering Miramar

PUBGNew Map | Photo courtesy by PUBG Corp.In addition to the usual updates, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is planning on adding two new battle royale maps, with a rework of the Miramar desert map.PUBG Season 12 has begun with an all-new 12.1 patch notes, include new updates on visual and design improvements. Miramar map was first launched in December 2017 with PUBG 1.0, four years later developers have improved the visuals of the desert map. The map's key focus is lighting and reduction on object clutter and proper cover placements from gunfights.Visual