Best healer builds in New World

In New World, like other MMO titles, you’ll need a group of different player roles if you want to clear the expeditions and PvP combat that you’ll fight through on your way to complete the story. A competent healer will add to any party, supporting their allies in any battle. Healing in New World is similar to other games. But with the dual weapon system, healers can be responsible for a whole lot more than simply keeping teammates alive. To get the best results as a healer, you’ll want to

Nintendo Denies 4K Switch Report

Top GamesThe OLED model is the only confirmed Switch upgrade coming down the pike. / Photo courtesy of NintendoNintendo has denied reports of a 4K-capable Nintendo Switch.The report, published last night by Bloomberg, claimed that at least 11 companies, including Zynga, had received development "tools" from Nintendo to make 4K Switch games. These developers said they had development kits for the Switch, and that it wouldn't come out until late next year at the earliest.We also want to restate that, as we announced in July, we have no plans for

Best Fire Staff Build in New World

Of all the magical weapons in New World, the Fire Staff boasts the greatest damaging capabilities. If you’re after a weapon that can compete in solo combat against other damage classes but still plan on having a wizardry aesthetic, this is the choice for you. With two separate branches in their skill trees, weapons in New World have plenty of different ways to build them that can be better for different circumstances in the game. We’ll be sharing a build that can be used in both PvP and PvE situations